Monday, October 29, 2012

My "Grandma Shower!"

As soon as I found out that I was going to be a Grandma, 
my dear friends, Karen, Sue and Julie started talking about having a "Grandma luncheon" for me.
They were so excited that Kimber was expecting and that I was going to be a grandma
that they immediately started planning the celebration.
I was kind of embarrassed about being the center of attention 
and wasn't sure that they needed to make such a fuss.
The luncheon was scheduled on Tuesday morning, and
little did I know how much I needed their "attention" and "fuss" that day.
 I had just gotten back from Arizona and I was still reeling from the past week.
My heart was still aching and I wasn't quite sure if I was ready to see everyone and celebrate.
But as soon as I arrived at Julie's house, I immediately was greeted with lots of kind words and warm hugs.
I can't thank these gals enough for hosting such a beautiful celebration.
  Being surrounded by some of my dearest friends, who love me 
and are so excited for me to become a Grandma was exactly what I needed that day!
This is the darling decoration that was hanging on Julie's gate!
These gals know me too well.  Drinking diet pepsi from a bottle was the perfect way to start a party!
Julie's adorable kitchen.
The beautiful table with gorgeous arrangements of flowers from Julie's yard.
Love the darling Grandma Debbie sign hanging from the fireplace outside!
Some of the darling baby girl socks, books and "Cs" that Julie used to decorate the table.
The book "Who Loves Baby" included photos of our family!  Darling!
We all enjoy drinking from the baby bottles!  Love it!
My dear friends, Donna and Julie.
Jenn and Sue.
And Karen and Marci.
I'm loving this darling sign "Grandma Debbie!"
This was my view of my sweet friends, sitting around the beautiful table.
This photo warms my heart and I could hardly keep my emotions in check 
because I was so touched by the love that I felt from them that day. 
 Really love these ladies and I love this photo!
Liz put together this darling "Safari" basket for Baby C. Absolutely adorable!
  Look at all those safari animal toys, books, blanket and bow... but that's not all...
in the basket was this coat, which is absolutely adorable!! Perfect for Park City!! 
This is the softest, cutest pink blanket from Carolyn. 
 I can't wait to wrap Baby C in it!
Donna gave me a darling recordable storybook, Goodnight Moon and cute bath letters and numbers.
Mark was so cute when he saw this book, he was like, "I get to help read and record this book, right?"
Of course, I'll let him read a page or two:)!
 Marci's darling present that she wrapped so cute!!
She really outdid herself this time!! Ha! Ha!
Marci, made this funny card!  Gosh!  I love her!!
She just cracks me up!!
"Going to Grandma's house" outfit from Carolyn.
Can't wait to see Baby C show up on my doorstep in that cute outfit!
A dress up tutu, wings and wand from Sue.  Absolutely darling!!
I love all the absolutely adorable monogrammed bath towel for "Baby C"  that Karen gave me.
And all the cute pink wash clothes, shampoos and rubber ducks!  So cute!
It is seriously the cutest book I've ever seen and the mittens are hysterical!
Mark also wanted to make sure that I was going to share that book with him!
I think it's going to be one of Grandpa's and Baby C's favorites:)! 
Here we are, Julie, Carolyn, Marci, Sue, me, Jenn, Karen, Donna, and Liz!
Gosh, I love you all for being there for me that day!
I woke up that Tuesday morning with a empty heart, 
dealing with the reality that my mother was gone and an important chapter of my life is over.
Thanks to my dear friends, who wrapped their arms around me, loved and embraced me, 
and on that day that I needed them the most, they celebrated with me.
My aching heart that felt empty was now full of love.
 Thank you, my dear friends, for helping me close a sweet chapter in my life, 
for celebrating with me and helping me begin the next.  I love you all!


Brad and Karen said...

WAaaaaa...wish I could have been there! Kudos to the ladies who pulled a "Debbie Party" on Debbie! You have been showering wonderful parties on others for years, and I am glad to see that you were honored in fine style by your friends in GB! Much love from your friend (and fellow grandma) in Kigali! Love you!

Ashley said...

That is not even real. You're friends are TOO GOOD.