Monday, November 19, 2012

Folsom Office Open House

For as long as I can remember, this guy has always been busy working on a project. 
 He is always doing, building, growing, pushing himself to accomplish more.
And I seem to get roped into I mean, included in most of these "projects."
So when the opportunity came to purchase Dr. Rich Kilmer's practice in Folsom,
he jumped at it and for the last 4 months, this became his our latest project,
which involved remodeling the office, and that's where I come into the picture!
Together, we oversaw the installation of new computers, recovered chairs, applied fresh paint,  
installed new carpet, added two new ipad game stations, installed new cabinets and granite countertops, 
hung sports memorabilia and Fatheads, knocked down a wall which was replaced with a "homerun wall" 
and bolted down several stadium chairs in the front waiting room.
It has made for a very busy fall but we are happy to say that it is complete.
We couldn't have done it without Mark's great staff, who have helped us every step of the way!
On Monday night, we had a MNF (Monday Night Football) Open House for all of the dentists in Folsom.
Dr. Jina Annello, Dad's associate, and Dr. Rich Kilmer.

BEFORE Pictures:

AFTER Pictures:
Dr. Annello, we couldn't do it without her.
So glad that she not only works for dad but lives across the street from us.
Best neighbor and best associate ever!
And we couldn't do it without this incredible staff!
This isn't even all the girls... I think he has 19 gals that work for him now.
And they are all fabulous!
 And another photo taken that night with the staff and Dr. Kilmer and his wife.
I thought I'd include this photo from our open house at our first Roseville office.
 We completed this "project" exactly 21 years ago!
Wow!  How time flies!  Look at how little Kimber, Tyler and Allie are!!
We had someone doing face painting at the open house that night.
The kids were really into it... can you tell?  Actually Tyler looks a little ticked
or maybe he is just mad that his tie is so short:)!
Kimber was 6 years old, Tyler just turned 5, Allie was almost 4 and Ashley was just a week old.
  Now looking back, it's kind of makes me laugh. 
 I must have been busy building and decorating that first office while I was pregnant 
because I delivered Ash just a week before the open house! Yikes!  It makes me dizzy just thinking about it! 
Funny how some things never change! I mean, why slow down now?!!
At the end of the night, standing in front of the Matt Cain "perfect game" fathead.
Not gonna lie... I think we were "on our game" and the office turned almost "perfect!"
I guess together we make quite a "team!"

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