Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Invisalign Summit in Vegas

We spent last weekend in Vegas with Ken and Jina, our neighbors, good friends and Mark's associate.
Ken and I just hung out while Mark and Jina attended classes at the Invisalign Summit.
I always look forward to this convention because even though we live across the street from each other,
 I don't feel like I get to hang out with Ken and Jina enough. 
We always look forward to the fancy dinner parties with incredible food that Invisalign host every night.
And it's always fun to catch up with other friends and family in the orthodontic world like,
 Mark's brother, Gary and Dr. Bob Boyd, Mark's mentor when he was at UCSF.
It was a quick trip but very fun because we always have such a good time with these two
and reminds us how lucky Mark is to have an associate like Jina:)!  

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