Monday, November 12, 2012

The Roaring 20's at the ESF Auction

For the past 20 years, we have attended the Eureka Schools Foundation Dinner & Auction,
 but unfortunately, this year, I was planning on being in NYC attending Kimber's baby shower at that time.  
The Auction theme this year was the Roaring 20's, celebrating the 20th year anniversary. 
 I was sad that we would miss this celebration because the Auction is so near and dear to my heart, 
since Mark and I chaired the first one and then I chaired it for 2 more years.
  But my desire to be with Kimber and share in the celebration of Baby C
 far outweighed my desire to be at the ESF Dinner & Auction.  
Then Sandy reeked havoc on lower Manhatten the week of Kimber's baby shower. 
 She and Brett along with so many of her friends were evacuated and effected by the storm
 (including her friend that was hosting the shower, who still has no power in her building) 
so her baby shower was postponed and so was my trip to NYC.
I knew that the Auction was sold out so I didn’t want to say anything
 but I was kind of sad that I was going to be in town and miss the big event.  
But word got out that my plans had changed and there was an opening at my friend, Marci’s table,
 so next thing I know they were able to squeeze us in. 
 It was so last minute that we didn’t have a chance to put together an 20's outfit 
but I was just so glad that we didn’t miss the big Roaring 20‘s celebration! 
 It really was fun seeing everyone dressed up!  What a great idea! 
 And as usual, everyone had a great time and they raised a lot of money for the Eureka School District!
Our good friends, Brady and Janelle McLeod and EUSD School Board member Ryan and his lovely wife, Trici Jones!
Don't they look great?!!
Trici and me:)!  I honestly love and adore this gal!
I think because I see so much of myself in her, of course, 
she is much more cute, clever and put together than I ever was.
But it is fun to watch her with her sweet little family, supporting her husband, Ryan.
I find myself vicariously reliving those early years through her:)!!
As soon as I walk into the Granite Bay Golf club, I was greeted by some of my favorite  principals!
Aren't they cute all dressed up in their Roaring 20's outfits?!
I sure do miss seeing this group of people on a monthly basis so it was fun to catch up with them!
My good friend, wonderful next door neighbor, probably the most enthusiastic Auction organizer, 
ESF fundraiser and newly elected EUSD school board member Renee Nash!!
Congratulations Renee!!  No doubt that you will continue to serve our community on the board!
  The GB3 ward friends, Trici Jones and Janelle McLeod and me.
Really love these two gals lots and wish that we were still back together in GB3 ward!
Two of my favorite teachers of all time, Abby Burke and Nancy Roszkowski!
These ladies are seriously not only the best teachers but so dedicated to our children and our community!
Jerry and Marci, good friends and great supporters of the Auction!
They donated one of their Goldendoodle puppies which was auctioned off for $2400!
Marci and me taking our annual and traditional Auction photo!
Dad was so excited to be the highest bidder on this fabulous chocolate cake 
that my good friend, Marisa Shorer made!!  Doesn’t it look incredible?!  
Don’t worry... Dad didn’t eat it all by himself!  
He had a piece or two but then took it over to Renee’s house on Election night 
for the big Jones & Nash campaign celebration!
Me and my handsome date to the ESF Dinner and Auction that night 
and has been my date for the past 20 years! 
 It really is crazy to think that it has been that long since the first time that we chaired the Auction together!  
I’m so grateful to have something so rewarding like this be such a big part of my life
 and to have Dad right there along my side from the beginning, 
believing in the cause and supporting it in whatever way he can.  
Not only did he help chair the first ESF Dinner & Auction, 
he encouraged and supported me when I chaired it for 2 more years.
  He helped me solicit numerous auction items and then would turn around
 and buy those same items back more times then I’d like to admit to, especially in those early years.  
He feels so committed to the success of the ESF Auction 
that he has donated an orthodontic case almost every year. 
And if it gets bid up high enough, like it did this year, he will often throw in an extra case.*  
I truly am grateful for his commitment and appreciate his attitude of giving back.  
At the end of the night, I felt like “the luckiest bidder,”
 going home with what I feel is the “hottest item of the night!”  

*The combined total raised from both cases was a donation of $8000 for the Eureka Schools Foundation.

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