Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dr. Holt's Work BBQ and Swim party

Mark has the best staff ever!  Seriously, they are awesome!
They are friendly and loyal and take pride in their work and great care of every customer.
We feel very lucky that many of the gals have been with us for 10-15 years.
Ann has been with us since Mark bought the practice from Dr. Carr over 23 years ago.
They are really awesome and make Mark's job a lot easier and everything at Holt Orthodontics work smoother!
We invited the entire staff and their families over for a swim/BBQ in our backyard
to let them know how much we appreciate all that they do.
It was a beautiful evening, perfect pool time weather.
And it was wonderful to relax and visit and socialize outside of the office.
I think everyone had a good time, especially the kids!

Mark, doing what he does best, making kids smile,
 handed out prizes to the all the kids at the end of the evening.
I guess you could say that our backyard was "Home of the Winning Smiles!"

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