Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Birthday Wish!

As I get older and older, I feel more and more grateful for a sweet husband,
 adorable children and amazing friends, who make me feel extra special on my birthday!
Every year, when it's time to blow out the candles and "Make a wish!"...
I never can really think of anything to wish for. 
 I know that sounds odd but when put on the spot, I never can think of anything. Ever!
I think that it has always been difficult for me to think of a wish
 because I have always been a pretty content person.
By that I mean that I've always felt that I had everything that I wanted or needed
and I feel guilty wanting or asking for anything more,
 especially on a day that I am already getting showered with so much love and attention,
how could I possibly think of something more to ask for?!
But this year was different.  I did indeed have something that I wanted and needed, 
something to wish for when it was time to blow out my birthday candles!
You see, my oldest brother, Eric, has been recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer.
The doctors determined that he would need a bone marrow transplant in order to save his life. 
Fortunately, I have seven siblings in my family
so we felt confident that one or two of us would be a match to be a donor.
One by one, the results came back negative.  Not one of my other 6 other siblings were a match!
I was the last one to get my results back so it was all up to me 
to be the bone marrow match that my brother so desperately needed.
I decided right then that I had something to wish for this year when I blew out my birthday candles.
My dear friend, Karen Wilkes hosted a birthday luncheon and bought me a delicious cake
 from our favorite Divine Desserts in Loomis.
Right when Karen was about to take this photo, she asked me to "Make a wish!"
 And then she added, "Now don't blow spit all over the cake!"
Which made me laugh, as you can see!
And it made me nervous, so I have to confess, that it took me two tries to blow out my birthday candle!
And I worried for a minute that my wish may not come true!
But Karen was so nice and said that it was her fault that I couldn't blow out the candle the first time
so she gave me a second try!  Thank you, Karen!
That night, when my brother called me to wish me a Happy Birthday,
I told him that I when I blew out my candle on my cake I wished that I would be a match!
And since this was such an important wish, I felt that this one had to come true!
Eric was touched and thanked me for using my wish for him.
Four days later, I got a call from the Bone Marrow Transplant coordinator, 
who told me that I was "a perfect match" to be a bone marrow donor for my brother!
I couldn't believe it!  And I couldn't be happier!!
Thanks Karen, for the fun luncheon and all the gals who came to celebrate that day!
Thanks to all the other calls, texts, cards and thoughtful gifts from friends, sweet kids and cute husband!
But mostly, I'm so thankful that my birthday wish came true!
I think everyone would agree that it was the best birthday gift ever!

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Brad and Karen said...

You are beautiful inside and out....always thinking of others! Love you!