Sunday, June 7, 2009

California State Track Meet

"Run! Bear Run!"

Brooke ran an amazing race at State on Saturday! She had incredible competition in the 3200 race, which included the running phenom, Jordan Hasay, who won the race and placed 1st in the state for the 4th year! It was amazing to watch Jordan, but even more amazing to watch Brooke run with the fastest girls in California at a faster past than she has ever run and stay with it the entire race! She wanted to go sub 11 (finish the race under 11 minutes, which would be about 6 seconds faster than she has ever run the 3200) but she really wanted to go 10:47, which would be 18 seconds faster! She was so determined and ran a beautiful race, finished with a time of 10:48, with a 17 second PR (personal record!) As soon as she looked up at the board and saw her time, she started crying, tears of joy and turned towards all of us in the stadium, raised her arms up high in the air and had the biggest smile on her face!

Like I said, this year the competition was crazy! Even with her amazing time, she still finished 17th in the state of California! To put it into perspective, we looked up the times in the last 5 years 3200 races and with the time of 10:48, she would have finished as high as 8th or the lowest was 12th. 17th in the state of California is still amazing and since she is only a sophomore, she has a lot to look forward to!

Brooke with the proud Mama and Papa Bear!
The family celebrating after the race! So happy that Tyler and Allie flew out from Utah to watch the race!

Running a perfect race and tucking in right behind Jacque Taylor!

Keeping pace with the girls from Saugus!

Brooke giving a hug to her coach!

Brooke was glad her big brother came to watch her race!

Allie giving Brooke hugs after the run !

Brooke and Coach Sturgeon!

Brooke's biggest fan Annie Segale came to the meet.


Kimber said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! You're amazing Brookie! It was so fun to see you cross the finish line online!! I love you!!! Can't wait to see you in New York!!!

Brad & Cindi Pearce Family said...

That is so awesome brooke! Way to go!

Carrie said...

WOW! Wow! WOW! WOW! Not that I'm trying to copy kimber, I had already thought of putting that down, because I'm almost speechless! What a crazy new personal record! 17 seconds is a lot to cut off! You go girl!

Al and Ash said...

FANTASTIC! What an awesome race! Congrats with the PR :) That has got to feel awesome. 17 seconds is a ton!!!!! Congrats again!

Jenna said...

Way to go Brooke! What an amazing accomplishment!

Jenner said...

congrats Brooke, I mean Bear! you are my hero. and your sister allie's long hair is very pretty.