Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Heart New York!

Brooke only gets 1 week off from training in the summer and all she wanted to do during her week off was visit Kimber in NYC. Brooke works so hard running so many miles, and is so dedicated that she has to sacrifice so much. All she has been talking about is going to see Kimber, she misses her so much. So Dad finally gave in and said that she could go. But she couldn't go running around the streets of NYC alone while Kimber was at work, so I volunteered to go with her...she had to twist my arm;)! Dad was so nice and actually insisted that we go, even though we would be gone on Father's Day! What a nice Dad! We missed him terribly and decided that we had to plan another trip to NYC with Dad! He's so much fun to travel with and it wasn't quite the same without him.

Then I was emailing Laura Crandall, Brett's mom and I mentioned that Brooke and I were planning a trip to NYC and that they should join us and they did! It ended up being a fun girls trip with Rachel and Laura Crandall and Ellis Chaffetz, Rachel's cousin came too! We had a blast!

Brooke spent hours putting together a list of all the things that she wanted to do while we were in NYC. Then she organized it and made an agenda for everyday that we were there. Everyday was jampacked with things we had to do, places we had to go and restaurants we had to eat at! We actually saw and did everything on the list! Amazing! We were running everyday but it was a blast!

Kimber and Brooke had so much fun together! They would get up early in the morning and go running and bike riding along the Hudson. Kimber would bike ride while Brooke would run! That was Brooke's favorite thing because it was just the two of them and they could talk! So cute! Such sweet sisters! They had such fun spending time together that week. Of course, they cried when they had to say "goodbye" at the airport!

On the Agenda for our First Day~ A Train Ride to Connecticut!

We wanted to take a day trip to Connecticut to visit Kimber at work and see her live on TV, covering a story. So we took the subway to Grand Central Station, then the train to Norwalk, took a cab to Kimber's station, picked up her car and drove to Main Street in New Canaan for an afternoon of shopping while Kimber was at work. We got to see her live shot on TV while we were at a restaurant/bar in New Canaan. It was fun! After Kimber was done with her last live shot, we headed out for Greenich for dinner and then drove back to NYC with Kimber!

Brooke is all smiles as she anticipates the exciting activities for the day!

Where our adventure began at Grand Central Station!

Brooke and Mom at Grand Central Station right before we board the train!

Enjoying our train ride to Norwalk!

Brooke couldn't be happier, shopping at her favorite store, Crewcuts! That's's a children's clothing store and the largest size is a 12 but Brooke can still fit in that pink skirt and was thrilled to find such a cute skirt!

We stopped in for lunch at a restaurant in New Canaan and got to watch Kimber report the news on their big screen TV. Fun!
Brooke, pointing at Kimber, who is reporting her story on TV!

Kimber and Brooke in Greenwich on Main Street.

The Museum of Natural HistoryBrooke and Kimber at the museum.

Brooke and Mom

Brooke, the Bear, with some of her friends!

Kimber and Brooke enjoying a few cupcakes!

Kimber and Brooke devouring a cupcake! And no..this isn't staged for a photo!

Mom and Brooke and the cupcakes!

The Jonas Brothers Concert at the Today Show!The big screen TV in the middle of the Rockefeller plaza!

The girls leaning over the barracades to catch a glimpse of The Jonas Brothers!

The girls in the plaza!

Mom and Brooke enjoying the concert at the Today! It was awesome!

Nick Jonas on the big screen!

The was awesome...lots of screaming tweeners and lots of dad's holding their little girls on their shoulders! It was cute!

Top of the Rock!

Since we were right at Rockerfeller plaza, we went up to the Top of the Rock for a spectacular view of the city!

Brooke and Mom at the Top of the Rock!

Posing in front of the NYC skyline at the Top of the Rock!

The incredible view at the Top!

Mom and Brooke in front of the Rockefeller Plaza!

Biking and Rowing Boats in Central Park!

After the Jo Bros concert, we met up with Kimber and headed to Central Park for an afternoon of bicycling through the park and rowing boats on the lake! The park was gorgeous and the weather was perfect!

Kimber and Brooke rowing the boat!
Mom and Brooke

The gorgeous bridge over the lake!

Rachel, Ellis and Laura rowing their boat!

Brooke and Kimber taking a break from rowing!

Kimber and Brooke enjoying a frozen custard after working so hard rowing the boat!
Kimber riding her cruiser bike!
Posing for a picture in Central Park!
Brooke and cute!
More pictures. Actually, we needed a break so taking pictures gave an excuse to stop and see the park!
And more pictures...we had to get one with the skyscrapers in the background!
On bike route through Central Park!
Lots of smiles, after a fun day in Central Park!

Shake Shack!

Kimber has talked about the Shake Shack ever since she moved to NYC! Apparently, it's the place to go to get a good burger and fries! It's so popular that there is always a long line but everyone says that it tastes as good as In and Out and worth the wait! Kimber kept asking me, "Are you sure you don't mind waiting?" I thought, "How long can the line be? Really?" so I assured her that we didn't mind waiting for dinner.

We got to the park where the Shake Shack is located and I have to admit I was a little surprised by the length of the line and thought, "Oh Wow!" Just then I hear Kimber say, "Oh good, the line isn't that bad right now! We won't have to wait too long!" Well, you know how Brooke, the Bear gets when she is hungry and she has to wait to be fed...I was a little worried but Brooke was a good sport and didn't complain!

I think we waited over 45 minutes in the line before we even ordered! I think the anticipation is half the fun! But by the time we got our food were starving and Yes! the food was incredibly delicious! Definitely, the best burgers, shakes and fries in NYC! A view of Shake Shack, the beginning of the line, where you place your order!
The long line continues and winds around the park!
And it continues all the way the corner and to the other end of the park!
Brooke and Mom agree that Shake Shack is the perfect way to end a warm summer day in NYC!

Brooke enjoying a chocolate shake! It was worth the wait!

We met up with some of Kimber and Brett's friends and Brett's brother, Dennis at the Shake Shack and enjoyed a yummy dinner of hamburgers, french fries and shakes! I have to admit, it was as good or better than In and Out!

Kimber and Brett!

Shopping at Canal Street and Forever 21! Brooke, standing in the rain!
Kimber and Brooke looking cute and keeping dry on a rainy afternoon!

Brooke didn't want to wait in the looooong line for the dressing room, so she decided to try on the plaid skirt right in the middle of the store! With Kimber's help, she pulled the plaid skirt under the pink ruffle one that she was wearing, then dropped the one that she was wearing to the floor. The plaid one fit perfectly and we all agreed she must buy it.

All was well until Brooke decided to take off the skirt that she was going to buy, unzipped it quickly and was ready to drop the new plaid skirt but forgot that she hadn't pulled up the pink one which was still laying on the floor first!!

Luckily, Kimber caught her just before she exposed herself, right there in the middle of Forever 21! I'm not sure anyone would have noticed. It was total caos and madness at that store and I don't think there was a sole that would have cared but it would have been funny!

Brooke striking a pose and sporting a new look wearing both skirts at once!

Kimber madly rushing to pull up the pink ruffle skirt. It's nice to know that even thought Brooke is almost 16 years old, she stills needs her big sister to help her get dressed!

The girls and our shopping bags full after a day of shopping on Canal Street!

We found 2 darling purses, the yellow for Brooke and green one for Mom and fell in love with them. The were the only 2 purses like that so we bought them and then went in search of a pink one for Kimber! Up and down Canal Street we walked. In and out of store after store trying to find Kimber a purse to match ours! The more we looked, the more we fell in love with ours and more determined we were to find one for Kimber to love too! We were on the hunt and we were not going to leave Canal Street until we found it! Of course, the store that we finally found the pink purse at, had a crazy lady trying to sell the purse to us at twice the price that we bought the other two for and wouldn't let Kimber or I leave the room (she closed the door on us twice during the exchange and leaned against it so we couldn't get out) once we started the bidding war with her! I am proud to say that we were successful and I only paid $3 more than what I offered in the beginning! SCORE!

I love Canal Street! It's an adventure! It's not about what you buy but the experience and adventure of what you are buying!

Dinner in Little Italy!

We met Brett, Dennis and some friends of Kimber and Brett's in Little Italy for dinner!

La Mela, Kimber and Brett's favorite Italian restaurant in Little Italy!
Kimber's yummy pasta!
Brooke with a creepy statue of the Pope!

Brooke with her pasta!

In The Heights
Ashley saw "In The Heights" last year when she attended a theater camp in NYC and fell in love with the show, especially the music! Everyday she would blast the music from musical as she was driving Brooke to and from seminary! She knew all the lyrics and so did Brooke by the end of the year! Brooke couldn't wait to see the show since she was so familiar with the music. So we took Brett and Kimber with us Saturday night to see the show. Brooke wasn't disappointed! She loved it and can't wait to talk to Ashley about how incredible the dancing and singing was! It was a fun night!
Kimber, Mom and Brooke waiting to see In the Heights!

Brett, Kimber and Brooke
The stage of In The Heights

Stardust Cafe!

After the show, we met up at the Stardust Cafe, one of our very favorite diners in Times Square! It's where the waiters sing and dance! It was magical!
The waitresses standing on top of the tables singing and dancing!
Brooke ready to dig into her hot fudge sundae! Yum!

Mom, Kimber and Brett
The waitress singing one of our favorite songs from the 70's
The girls, Laura, Rachel, Brooke and Ellis

Staten Island Ferry!Rachel, Brooke and Ellis heading for the Ferry.
The Staten Island Ferry boat heading back to NYC.
Mom, Brooke and Kimber leaving the NYC and heading to Staten Island.
Our view of the Statue of Liberty from the ferry!

Trying to take a picture on the way back from Staten Island proved to be tricky with the wind blowing Brooke's hair!

Celebrating Rachel's Birthday at Max Brenner's

We all met up with Jason and Julie Chaffetz, Ellis's parents for dinner and to celebrate Rachel's birthday at Max Brenner's Chocolate by the Bald Man! Dad and I have been talking about this place ever since we ate their last month with Kimber and Brett, so Brooke couldn't wait to try it out. She wasn't disappointed! It was amazing!

Ellis and the birthday girl, who was wearing her birthday crown that Julie made!

On Dad's recommendation, Brooke ordered the Sukao and loved it!

Mom and Kimber shared the "Chocolate Mess"!

Here is Jason enjoying his chocolate shake!
The View of the City from Cousin Mary's Apartment

Sunday evening, Brooke and I took the subway up to the Bronx to visit my cousin Mary Silva. She has lived in New York City all her life. Her apartment is located right next to central park and over looks the whole city! The view from her balcony is quite spectacular so Brooke had to take pictures. It was fun to catch up with my cousin and her sweet family, who I haven't seen in many years. A perfect way to end our Sunday!

The Bronx Zoo

Monday morning, on the way to the airport, we stopped by the Bronx Zoo for a visit. Kimber brought her nice lense and gave Brooke some photo lessons. Brooke had fun taking pictures of the butterflies, peacocks and bears! We had to get a picture of the Grizzly Bear!!

The Zoo was amazing! It was beautiful with all the big trees and greenary! You felt like you were in the forest, not in New York City! We had to catch our plane and Kimber had to get to work so we didn't get to see all of the zoo but we will definitely have to come back next time! So much to do in NYC and never enough time! Although, we did pack it in this time and got to do almost everything on our itinerary!
Kimber and Brooke at the Zoo entrance!

The peacock that greeted us at the entrance!
Kimber and Mom at the Butterfly Garden!

One of Brooke's pictures of the butterflies!
Brooke and Kimber by the gorgeous flowers that were in bloom.
Nice to know that Brooke is still a little kid...I can still get her to do childish things, like stick her hands and face through the "Bumble Bee" sign. Of course, she acts like she is too old for it, but after some encouragement and coaxing from Mom, she quickly obeys and reverts back to her innocent childlike behavior, and willingly and happily poses for the picture! Precious!

Please Brooke, don't ever grow up!


Jenna said...

So many fun pictures!! Brooke is too cute in that crew cuts skirt! She is so lucky to fit into them still! Looks like a fun fun trip!

I loved seeing a few with Dennis in them. It has been so long since I have seen his face!

Erica said...

Wow! I'm floored at how much fun stuff you did in a short amount of time! As one who knows from experience, the Holts are THE people to travel with! Looks like a blast!