Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Graduation 2009!

Last night I attended the Olympus Graduation ceremonies and handed out diplomas to the graduates. One of my young women, Jessica Huber, gave one of the speeches and did a great job! I was so proud of her! I was able to hand Jessica her diploma and I gave her a big hug! It was fun! I love it when I actually know some of the kids that I'm giving the diplomas to. I've known Jessica and her family since she was a little toddler and she is one of my favorites! It was funny because after I gave Jessica her diploma (and hug) a bunch of the boys from our ward names were called off and I went to hand them their diplomas, they grabbed the diploma so fast, shook my hand quickly and practically ran across the stage. I realized that I kinda freaked them out by giving Jessica a hug and they were afraid I might try and hug them too. Afterwards, I asked one of them if that is why they ran by me so quickly and he said, "Yeah! I was so nervous!" Ha! Ha!
There are only a few perks that come with being a school board member and this is one of my favorite, participating in the Jr. High graduation ceremonies and handing out the diplomas.

Me and Jessica!

Brooke came with me to watch Jessica give her speech!

DJ Sheridan, Tyler's friend from high school was at the graduation ceremony, watching his younger brother graduate. It was a nice surprise to see him, since he lives down in LA. I always love running into the kids friends!

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