Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where in the World is Ashley?

She's in Switzerland, having a lovely time with her friend, Mariella and her family, staying at their incredible chateau! What a life! We are all jealous, but happy that she is having such a wonderful time and missing her like crazy!Ashley and Mariella, posing in front of a really beautiful restaurant, somewhere in Switzerland!


The Olson Family said...

What a great picture! We love checking your blog and seeing all the fun things your family is doing.

Gregory and I were thinking of possibly coming up north for the 4th of July weekend. Will you guys be around then? We'd love to visit!
How was Marks scout hike at Half Dome?

The Olson Family said...

Some things came up for Gregory at work that he has to do in the next couple weeks. We are going to try and come up there soon though! We'll keep you posted. Have fun at the reunion in Utah and tell everybody hi for us!