Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Granite Bay Reception

It was such a fun night, celebrating Tyler & Sonya's marriage
with such dear family and friends!
We were lucky and had gorgeous weather that night,
a perfect evening for a party!

Brooke with the "lollipop tree" that she made for the candy bar.
It was a hit!

Cousins Greg, Michelle and Donovan Olson

Brooke with her friends, Anne Barton, Devin and Taylor Lilly
enjoyed the homemade waffle cones.

The first dance.

SO cute!

Tyler's buddies greeting him after he came off the dance floor.

The path to the dance floor.
Tyler & Sonya and Bishop Cota

The view of the terrace from the dance floor.

Allie and Justin taking a break on the dance floor.

The end of a lovely evening.

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deb said...

thanks for sharing is fun to see how everything turned out. Your vision was great all the festivities are beautiful!