Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Wedding Dinner

We held the wedding dinner at the Grand Arizona Resort in Phoenix
with about 70 family members and close friends.
The fathers each gave a toast,
Allie spoke, sharing her perspective of Tyler and Sonya's love story,
we watched part of the wedding video,
(SpiceRack did an awesome job...seriously, the love story interview was amazing!)
then Tyler and Sonya both spoke at the conclusion.
It was a sweet evening and a fabulous end to a wonderful day!

Tyler and the Jensen's, Stephanie, Jacob and Justin. He loves those kids!

Justin with 3 of his favorite girls, Allie, Ashley and Brooke!
They all adore him!

Brooke, the wedding planner and her cookie!

Kimber & Brett with Brett's sister, Rachel.
Allie telling her side of Tyler and Sonya's love story.
After all, she is the one responsible for getting those two together!
Her speech was clever & witty,
and tender and sweet,
and of course, she made us all cry!
Mom, Tyler and Sonya listening and laughing as Allie tells the story!

Tyler with Travis Epperson, both kickers on the BYU Tyler's freshman year.


Kimber said...

That was so fun! Most beautiful dinner ever! Nice job Madre!!

deb said...

thanks for sharing these Debbie. Everything looks beautiful...great attention to detail:) Kudos to your "wedding planner" too!