Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Photobooth fun!

At the dinner, we had all the guests write a message on a chalkboard
and then Kimber took their picture holding up their chalkboard.
It was a fun way to capture a picture of everyone that night.
Kimber is going to make a book with all the darling photos of dear family and friends
that shared that special day with them and their sweet messages!

We spelled out Tyler and Sonya's names
so Dad and I are holding the "T" for Tyler

Brooke, holding up the "Y" in Tyler's name!

Ash looking good and holding up the "L"!

Allie and Justin holding the "E" in Tyler's name!

The Crandall's holding up the "R" in Ty's name.

Mark Lund, one of Tyler's friends from GB3 that moved to Arizona.
Mark and Tyler used to go to the stake dances together,
wearing blue shirts and called themselves "the blue crew."
It was so good to catch up with the Lund family.

The Jensen clan with their sweet message for Ty and Sonya!

Brooke hit the nail on the head with her advice to Sonya!

Uncle Chuck and Aunt Oranee with their sweet message.
Justin and Allie holding a {heart}...very appropriate for the two of them;)!
Mary Ann's adorable little Molly! So cute!

Cute cousin Stephanie with her message for Tyler and Sonya!

Mark Crandall, Tyler's roommate and Brett's brother!
Good looking and single!

Ashley's not gonna lie...she's sad that they are heading to Oklahoma
but pretty happy about getting the car!

Sonya's friends from high school!

Tammy had to work that night so her cute husband Adam came by himself.
We felt bad because Tammy did all the girls hair and missed out on the fun!
Don't worry though, Adam drew a picture of her
so she would be remembered in the book. Cute!
I love this picture of the Crandalls! Love Brett being goofy!
His cute smile is priceless!

My sister, Shauna, and her adorable little boy, Zachary!
Gotta love that face!

Travis Epperson, Tyler's good friend and former kicker/punter on the BYU team.
Also, single and good looking!


Kirstin said...

What a fun idea! Really cute.

Brad and Karen said...

Empty nest = more time for blog entries! We like!

Brad and Karen said...
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