Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Thatcher Reception

On Saturday, we drove down to Thatcher for the reception that night.
Sonya's family did an incredible job with decorations! It was beautiful!
It was held at the brand new chapel located next to the Gila Valley temple
and it by far, was one of the most gorgeous receptions that I have been too.
Sonya's aunt did all the floral arrangements and they were fabulous.
Kimber took a bunch of pictures (so glad to have her and her camera around)
but I'm not sure that it completely captured how gorgeous it was
but here's a little sample...enjoy!

Love the way they hung the lanterns!

Allie caught the bouquet...and was SO excited!! Seriously...SO excited!!

Justin seemed a little excited too!

My nephew Spencer's daughter Raquel, had a crush on Justin!

But do you blame her?
Justin was so nice and watched the wedding video
and ate chocolate pretzels together. Cute!
The yummy candy bar!

Sonya and her mother, Kathy.

Standing in line and smiling!

Dad and Mom waiting in line, ready to greet the guests from Thatcher!

I love this shot of the cake...simply classy and Sonya!

Love the flowers. Amazing!

Another view of the flowers!

Brooke and Justin

Cutting the cake!

Raquel and the bouquet that Allie caught!
Allie felt a little bit guilty cause she had to reach right over Raquel
and practically snag it out of her hands, in order to catch the bouquet.

"Lucky in Love" Ashley and Kimber, in the all too familiar Holt girl pose!

Spencer, Sunny and Raquel and Cade Ray.
Such a cute family!

The happy couple cutting the cake!

The cute couple at the end of fun evening!

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