Friday, May 20, 2011

Sections 3200 Champion!

Brooke ran 10:51 in the 3200 at the Section final 
and broke the Section meet record by 6 seconds!
It all started by a good luck hug from teammate, Natalie, who ran the 1600.
Brooke started out strong and didn't let up the whole way.
Brooke, Allison and Katie, the Granite Bay 3200 team.
Brooke and her happy parents, celebrating her victory.
Christina and Brooke, both took 1st at Sections.
Brooke was feeling like she was having a pretty successful night,
and then she hit a speed bump...
literally... in the parking lot on her cool down,
rolled on the pavement, 
which humbled her a little and left this nice battle wound!
Brooke and her adorable Segale fan club.  Love those ladies!
Brooke and Coach Kehoe.  
Mom and Dad are so proud of our little Bear!


v a n e s s a said...

good job brooke! you are my hero! party planning, last week of school AND winning races, you are a wonder woman! (and p.s. you always look really good while running)

Kimber said...

Congrats!! Congrats!! THat's amazing!!!