Monday, May 23, 2011

Vanessa's Baby Shower!

Last week Brooke and I had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower 
for our dear friend, Vanessa Wilkes.
We came up with the theme, "Cookies & Milk." 
Then Brooke, being the party planner extraodinaire, 
was in charge of all the planning and the decorations, which included...
a table full of yummy treats...
a cute diaper cake, which Brooke designed and decorated...
a clever banner and pink pompoms made out of coffee filters...
and ruffled crepe paper, that spelled "girl."
How did she make it? 
 I'll give you a hint...Sew easy, and sew cute!  That's right!  
She sewed the crepe paper together to make the ruffles! Clever!
(Look for the tutorial soon to be posted by Brooke.)
Their were cute milk bottles on ice, 
pink cupcakes from my favorite, Icing on the Cupcake,
delicious fruit trays and chocolate cakes filled with something yummy!
Thanks to good friends, who brought all the delicious treats!
I found these cute old fashioned milk bottles on Ikea's website, which you can't order online.
So I checked our local store, but they didn't have them in stock.
And the bottles weren't in any of the West Coast stores.
 But I found them at the store in Brooklyn. 
 Did I mention, that I just had to have them?
So, what did I do?  Call Kimber and ask her to go to the store in Brooklyn, 
which she did... via the Ferry.
She bought 10 milk bottles and hauled them... via cab back to NYC.
Then she packed and shipped them to California. 
She did it because she is a good little daughter and always helps me out,
even when I get crazy ideas, which usually involves her help.
But mostly because she loves David and Vanessa 
wanted to help in some small way with the shower.
The stash of cute baby gifts and the pink clothes line
with cute baby girl outfits and even a pink tutu!
Girls are way too much fun!
We sure do love Vanessa (and David too!) and we are so glad 
that we were able to celebrate the soon arrival of their little girl!


Kimber said...

Whoa Brooke! You out did yourself again!! The way you wrote girl was too, too cute!!!

deb said...

this is so adorable...brooke you are awesome!!!!!!

v a n e s s a said...

thank you two so so much! it was so beautful and thoughtful. and kimber, you were an integral part i hear! thanks guys!