Monday, May 30, 2011

Allie's Bridal Shower

On Thursday night, some of my dear friends threw a bridal shower for Allie.
It was such a fun night, one that meant so much to Allie.
She felt so loved!
These are the lovely ladies that organized the shower, 
Stefani Barton, Ann Marie Mullen, Julie Hansen, Karen Wilkes and Marci Martin.
They were quite the team putting on such an incredible event! 
Seriously, hands down, the nicest shower that I have ever gone to.
Julie's home looked so beautiful and festive!
Thanks gals!  You really went overboard, but Allie LOVED it!
  One of the gorgeous manzanita trees that were in Julie's entry way 
with the adorable birdhouses that my friend Karen painted that hung from the branches.
The adorable birdhouses.
The birdhouses were filled with chocolate eggs.  Yum!
 The spread in Julie's kitchen.  Gorgeous!
 The crowd enjoying all the delicious treats!
 The white chocolate covered oreo cookies decorated with zebra stripes that Julie ordered from Etsy.
  And of course, they came in the wedding colors!
Since Allie loves zebras, Julie just had to have something zebraish at the shower. 
 I love the cute cutouts with A+J and the birds.
So many cute little details that made it all so adorable!
  The bird sugar cookies that Ann Marie made.  So adorable!
 Allie and her dear friend, Lindsy.
These two have been friends all through grade school at Oakhills and Ridgeview.
They were in the same ward and were baptized on the same day.
 And they were cheerleaders together at Cavitt Jr. high and at Granite Bay high school.  
Allie was so glad that Lindsy and her sister Emily, who we also love and adore, 
and their darling mom, Deborah, could come to the shower.
Justin, or as Allie nicknamed him in high school, "Math Boy",
 wrote an adorable poem to Allie using math terms.
It was very clever and cute!
Allie, opening up her presents.
Allie, with the darling engraved cake pans given to her by Elaine Comery 
or as Tyler affectionately calls her, "Mama C."
At the end of the shower, I remembered to get a picture with my girls
 but we were missing Brooke, who had to go home to go to bed early
 because she was racing the next day.  
I thought of photoshopping her into the picture because it really wasn't complete without her 
but with my photoshopping skills...that really isn't happening.
So here is the picture and next bridal shower,
 I will have to remember to take group photos before the shower!
It really was such a lovely occasion and 
Allie was overwhelmed with the kindness and thoughtfulness that was "showered" upon her.

*Thanks Kimber for taking these photos!
She was so busy being in charge of the game, catching up with many dear friends
and trying to take pictures too! 
 I really appreciate her always bringing her camera and being my personal photographer 
but I just realized that we didn't have photos of the cake that was decorated 
with birds and some of the other gorgeous decorations.
Fortunately, some of the ladies took pictures before everyone arrived.
 So check back later and I will update this post with more pictures later:)!


Holly said...

Wow! Beautiful! Looks like a huge amount of work went into that! :)

Jenna said...

How fun! That shower looked amazing. Love Kimber's pictures. She is always amazing. I have Allie's skirt! Love it. You have the cutest girls Debbie!

hayley j said...

So adorable! Looks like you all had a blast. My mom and Richard ran into to Allie and Justin last week and were very happy to see them :) I vote for you photoshopping Brooke in the picture...maybe just her head floating on top :)

v a n e s s a said...

ah, such a beautiful family and talented friends! such an exciting time, i wish i could have made it there!

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