Sunday, May 8, 2011

Senior Ball

Last night was Granite Bay high school's Senior Ball, 
which was held at the Hyatt downtown across from the Capitol.
 Brooke had a fun night with her date, Wes Finkemeier,
  her good friend from student government and next year's student body president. 
 She looked stunning in her gorgeous purple dress
 (the same one that she wore for Homecoming Royalty in the fall)
 and he looked dashing in his tux and matching vest. 
 We took pictures with their group over at Erin Bell's house 
and then Brooke and Wes carpooled downtown with Maddie and Josh. 
 I decided that since this was our last Senior Ball, that we really ought to chaperone. 
 Dad wasn't quite so excited about volunteering (and to be honest, neither was I)
 when we heard that we had to be there from 6-12pm, manning the doors all evening. 
 He thought it might get boring, but it proved to be a very exciting, eventful evening, 
filled with drama and suspense! 
 I will spare you all the details of the night.  I'm not sure some of the details are Holt family blog worthy.
 All I can say is that the Holt kids would be proud of their dad 
for taking charge and helping out when he was needed. 
As he put it, texting Ashley last night, 
"I was just happy to be a humble servant for student government." Ha! Ha!
 It was actually quite fun to see all the kids dressed up, and visit and talk to them.
We have known many of the kids since preschool and watched them grow up through the years. 
 I'm always amazed at how polite the kids are, stopping and talking to us. 
 It reminds me that although there is a lot of crazy stuff that goes on these days at the high school, 
there is also a lot of good kids out there doing good things too. 
It was fun to be there with Brooke and watch her enjoy the evening with her friends. 
 For the past 10+ years, we have had the priviledge of chaperoning many of the high school dances
 and for the most part, really enjoyed doing it. 
 We love interacting with the kids and working with the other volunteer parents and teachers and staff. 
But most of all we feel grateful that our children have not only allowed us to chaperone 
but have wanted and asked us to come to the dances and enjoy the evening 
and be a part of their high school experience. 
So it was only fitting for our last chaperoning duty to include some excitement 
and as I texted Ashley last night, "What a way to end our high school chaperoning career!"
Brooke and her date, Wes, outside the Hyatt.
Yes, I snuck them outside and broke a few rules to get this cute picture,
but hey, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do to get a good photo!
The group in Erin's backyard.
Brooke and Wes are smack dab in the middle.  Cute!
A close up of Maddie, Josh, Brooke, Wes and Allison.
All the girls.
Brooke and Wes.
I couldn't decide which picture I liked best so I decided to include both all of the photos 
and let you decide which one is your favorite...
because I think they are all so adorable!
Really, really love this photo!
This might be my favorite.
And this one too!  Wes was a very patient victim date! And very photogenic too!
Oh, and did I mention that he is also a very good dancer and charming too!
Brooke and her good track buddy, Maddie Lummis.
Brooke and her good friend, Allison Cook.
Brooke's favorite YW leader, Tani Bragg was here so she had to get a picture with her.
Brooke and Anne Barton.
Another good one of Brooke and gorgeous Maddie.  I really loved her dress.
Josh, Maddie, Brooke and Wes.
I had to include this awesome picture of Allison Garvey's fabulous vintage hairclip.
I know Ashley will love this one!
Mom and her little Brooke.  And when I say "little" I mean little...
I could have wrapped my arm around her little waist a couple of times:)!
Mom and Dad with their little Bear!
Boy, are we going to miss that Bear!
We had to take another photo outside the Hyatt...
And then Brooke gets a little close with Wes:)!!
After we took photos at Erin's, dad realized that his yellow and blue tie didn't match Brooke's dress,
so we drove back to the house so he could change his tie.
And as we walked back into the Hyatt, he insisted on taking another picture with Brooke.
I just want Dad to know that these little gestures don't go unnoticed.
We all appreciate his keen sense of fashion and his attention to detail.
This picture represents his thoughtfulness and remembering that it is the little things that truly matter.
The ballroom at the Hyatt.  
Our dear friend, Spencer was there and we had to get a picture of him with, 
as he affectionately calls Brooke, "The Boss."
Brooke and Brittany, friends since childhood.
The Holt family loves this girl.
Cousin Tanner and his date, Candice.

The following pictures were taken with Brooke's camera,
 mostly of her and her friends on the dance floor. 
I just had to include them along with the lyrics of one of Brooke's favorite songs!
 I like to whip my hair back and forth. 
 Hop up out of bed and turn my swag on,
 So don't tell me nothing,  I'm just tryna have fun,
 So keep the party jumping,
 Keep my head up and I know I'll be fine.
 I whip my head back and forth.
 Brooke and her friend, Melly, the Homecoming Queen.
You know, just Wes and Brooke, eating dinner at the White House;)!  
The usual for the President and his First Lady!
 A great date, a gorgeous dress, yummy food, exciting entertainment, and fun music.
Definitely a good time was had by all! 


v a n e s s a said...

Brookie looks gorgeous! i love that dress!

- vanessa

Mark, I can't believe you didn't already have multiple backup ties in the car.. And Deb, is that the Willa Smith song? Nice!

- d

deb said...

brooke looks so cute!