Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Qualifying for State at Masters & celebrating Kimber's birthday

Brooke qualified for State the third year in a row on Friday night,
 finishing second at Masters.
It was a cold and windy night and Brooke ran her race, leading and blocking the wind most of the race.
She ran strong and finished just strong with all of her siblings cheering her on.
It was a fun weekend with everyone here to watch Brooke race on Friday
 and see her graduate on Saturday.
 Kimber, giving her little Brookers a hug.
Tyler, is so proud of The Bear.
Al Pal loves her gal, Brooke. 
And Ashley, proudly wearing The Tribe shirt 
that Brooke designed and sold to all the spirited GBHS students,
strikes the traditional pose with Brooke's medal.
After all, without Ashley, where would Brooke be?
Plus, she is one of the most spirited GBHS alumni!
Not as spirited as Noah, but still will forever be a Granite Bay Grizzly... 
as evidenced by the photo below...
striking the infamous Grizzly Bear pose!
Proud and happy parents with their little Bear.
With the cousins, who came to watch her race.
Grandma and Grandpa were in town and came to see her race.
The cutest couple with Brooke.
The sisters with their Bear.
It was a fun night and the fun continued as we made our way to Cheesecake
to celebrate Brooke's great race and Kimber's birthday!
Brooke, sitting on a couple of bags of ice at Cheesecake Factory
and of course, still wearing her medal!
Ready to party with Kimber!
 Kimber, opening up her presents.
 Now Kimber and Brooke have matching Miz Mooz shoes!
 Allie wants a closer look at the shoes.
 Kimber, who is getting domestic and crafty, is getting a new sewing machine.
It was a fun night partying with the family!
We are so glad that we could spend time together and celebrate Kimber's birthday.


Erica said...

Happy happy birthday to Kimber, and congrats to Brooke! Love you guys!

Kimber said...

Congrats Brooke!!! That was so fun to see you dominate!!! And thanks so much for the fun birthday surprise!!