Thursday, June 2, 2011

The last Holt graduates from GBHS

Since Brooke, the last Holt in the family, was graduating,
 all the kids decided that they had to come and join us for this momentous occasion!
If there were an award for "The family that has the most kids that graduated from GBHS"...
 I'm sure that we would win it!
Not only did we have 5 kids graduate but with Justin joining the family soon, that makes 6 total!
It was such a fun weekend with all the kids home!
The Holt family picture (minus Brett and Sonya.)
It only a took a couple of tries to get a good picture of everyone.
I had to rearrange a couple of tables on the stage 
and I knocked over a few diplomas.
But hey, it was worth it!
It was a picture perfect day, except for the unseasonably cold weather
 and a few raindrops that fell during the ceremony!
The only thing that would have made it better was if Brett and Sonya could have joined us!
We sure did miss them!
School board member, Jan Pinney (Justin's grandpa) hands Brooke her diploma.
Mom and Dad with their last little graduate.
All the GBHS Holt family graduates together.
The Holt sisters picture.
Brooke and Tanner pose for a cousins picture.
And then pose with Grandma and Grandpa.
After we finished with pictures on the stage,
 we headed over to The Bear for more photos.
Tyler and Justin hoisted Brooke up on top of The Bear for a picture or two.
Brooke loves The Bear.
Actually, we all love The Bear.
The kids kindly agreed to pose for a cute photo with The Bear.
Aren't they adorable?
I seriously love this picture and these kids!
Then the girls wanted to get a silly picture... 
that is Ashley, Allie and Brooke wanted a silly pic... 
Kimber and Tyler were good sports and...
 well, this is about as silly as those two can get.
I love how Tyler is so agreeable and accomodating 
even though he is obviously feeling a little uncomfy about being silly.
And Kimber, of course, just can't take a bad picture.
Hands down, this is my favorite photo of the day!
It's a classic shot!
Then Justin has a great idea for a "engagement picture" with Allie and The Bear.
Allie was still in a silly mood and this is what we got.
But then we got "the kiss over The Bear shot" with the Barton family looking on
and Brooke Barton renamed the Grizzly Bear... "The Love Bear!"
After all, this is almost exactly the spot where Allie and Justin met!  
Brooke and Stacy Wong, the Valedictorian.
Brooke and fellow XC and track teammate, Christine.
Anne Barton, Alison Garvey and Brooke.
We took the last picture ever on GBHS campus 
and then we said goodbye to The Bear and GBHS.
As we walked away from campus, we climbed into the car 
and closed the door to one the Holt family's favorite time of our lives.
It really has been IS great (clap, clap)
to be(clap, clap)
a Granite Bay Grizzly:)!
Now that we are finished with pictures,
 we are off to celebrate at one of favorite restaurants in town, Fats
Here are the 2011 graduates, Tanner and Brooke!
Kimber and Brooke.
Justin and Allie.
Mom and Dad.
Tyler and Ashley.
Grandpa and Grandma.
Bruce and Natalie.
Weston and Aubrey.
Our clever and crafty Brooke is excited and surprised
 to get her very own sewing machine for graduation!
And a bunch of sewing supplies.
And Kimber gave her fabric from Purl Soho in NYC.
It was a fabulous day celebrating Brooke's graduation
 and the end of an era for the whole family.

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Sonya and Tyler said...

Everyone looks simply lovely! Wish I could have been there!!!