Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's finally summer!

We have had the strangest weather this spring/summer, more rain and cold than I can ever remember!  
So when we finally had a 90 degree day, we revveded up the boat and headed out to the lake 
to enjoy a gorgeous evening of wake boarding and tubing with these cute gals.
We were surprised to find that we had the lake all to ourselves!
  Seriously! There weren't any other boats or jet skis on the lake. 
 It was so calm and peaceful as we sat in the middle of the lake
 and ate our dinner on the boat.
It reminded me of the "old days" when we first started boating 
and the lake was so quiet, back before everyone moved to Granite Bay 
and people discovered what a beautiful lake we have right in our own backyard.
The main reason for the trip to the lake was to see if our boat was still working 
and I'm happy to report that it started right up.
Not bad for a boat going on it's 20th season!
Dad is considering selling it this year...
(What?!  I know what you kids are thinking...
 "How could Dad even be thinking of selling the MasterCraft?! 
 It's been around longer than Brooke and is practically like part of the family!)
So he wanted to make sure that it was actually working before he listed it on Craiglist.
Good news is that it still runs.  Bad news is that we will probably sell the boat:(!
I know, I probably should have told you kids in person, 
or waited until this weekend when we are all together to break the news to you.
Who knows?!  Maybe Julie will want the boat and then it will kind of stay in the family:)!
Anyways, here are a few pictures from our evening on the lake.
Abby, Carly and Allison enjoying a nice ride on the tube.
All it took was one quick turn and before you know it, Abby is halfway off the tube.
And there she goes.
I love Carly's smile in this picture.
And then Dad makes another quick turn and it's Allison's turn...
she was so tough and hung on...
and hung on...
and rode for quite a ways completey off the tube...
and she used a dance move to help her get back on the tube...
which oddly worked and she was once again on the tube.
I loved watching the girls laughing.
And once again, Allison is hanging off the tube.
Carly is trying to tell her to hold on.
But there she goes.
I absolutely love the smiles and laughter that came from these girls!
Then it was Allison's turn to get in the middle, 
but by that time the tube was starting to deflate and that's when the trouble begun.
Trying to get all three on top of the deflating tube at one time was quite a struggle.
And proved to be quite entertaining for those of us on the boat
as they continued to wrestle the tube.
And it was at this point that we determined that the girls had lost the battle 
and it is time to retire the tube!
With the tube out of commission, it was time to move on to the wakeboard
and Brooke wasted no time in getting into the cold water and taking a turn.
Brooke, surveying the situation, a little confused with no boats in sight,
just beautiful smooth water in all directions.
Brooke, jumping the wake.
Dad taking his job as the boat driver very serious!
And yes, he is probably getting too close to the shore,
but like I said, there weren't any boats in sight and that included the park ranger's boat.
And then sometimes, Dad likes to take a break and smile
and look for wildlife on the shore...
and that's when he spots a deer.
Who needs a spotting scope when you've got Dad's sharp eyes?!
It was a fun evening on the lake with these beautiful girls and a great way to start the summer!


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bwan said...

How did the tube start to deflate? was there a hole int it from something on the water? Usually those type of tubes don't get holes in them because of the nylon covering.