Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Celebrating Dad's birthday in Park City!

There couldn't be a more perfect way for Dad to celebrate his birthday
than to be skiing on the slopes in Park City with his kids!
Nothing makes him happier than spending time with his kids
and there's nothing that he loves more than skiing.
So you put skiing and kids together, and it makes for the perfect birthday celebration!
On the top of DreamCatcher, after enjoying lunch at Clouddine on Dad's birthday! 
Since Brett and Kimber were going to be in Park City,
Tyler didn't want to miss out on the fun.
Thanks to our Delta miles, we were able to find a flight for him.
The only thing that would have made it absolutely perfect would be if Sonya could have come too.
Unfortunately, she didn't get MLK day off and couldn't come:(!
But, Yay, she gets to come for spring break in March and we can't wait!
Justin and Allie enjoying "the beach" at the base of Canyons.
This is the way Brooke relaxes at "the beach."
Tyler sporting the GoPro, is ready to hit the slopes!
Kimber and Brett showing off their Canyons season ski passes!
They are pretty excited to be ski bums for the next few weeks:)!
And we are super excited to be able to ski with them during the day
and play with baby Cheri at night!!  Couldn't be a better arrangement!
Riding the chairlift together:)!
We couldn't have scripted this any better...
as many of you know, Dad loves, I mean LOVES looking for moose.
So when the Canyons moose came into the room at Clouddine,
we had to grab him for a photo with Dad.
It was a birthday wish come true:)!
After a long day of skiing, this is Grandpa's favorite way to nap with baby Cheri!
That night, we celebrated dad's birthday at Ghidotti's, one of our favorite restaurants in Park City.
It was so fun to have our dear friend, Allison Garvey spend the weekend with us.
Everyone is taking a turn holding Cheri!
Grandpa just can't get enough of her!
Baby Cheri was an angel at dinner 
and I think she loved Ghidotti's as much as the rest of us:)!
We always celebrate Allie and Dad's birthdays together.
I know, we already kind of celebrated Allie's birthday in New York
but I love that they get to celebrate their birthday together in Park City.
And this year it worked out really good! 
You see, I bought sparkling candles for the cake, a 5 and a 2 for dad... 52.  
But when I went to put them on the cake, I realized... that dad was turning 53!  
Yes!  53!  (That sounds so old!)  I panicked and thought,
 "What am I going to do?  And how embarrassing that I don't even know how old my husband is turning!" 
But then I realized that I could reverse the numbers and it would be 25, exactly how old Allie was turning. 
So I was really glad that they celebrated their birthdays together this year:)!
Dad got a birthday card with a deer on the front of the card.
Remember, dad loves moose, deer and any other wildlife that he can spot with his scope.
He loved his card:)!
 Dad, or should I say Grandpa, received many Grandpa related birthday gifts.
 Books to read to baby Cheri!  Love it!
And pictures of baby Cheri and Grandpa framed and ready to hang up in his office!
Dad got a cute shirt from Tyler and Sonya, which he loves and has already worn many times!
So glad that his kids have such good taste!
Allie and her zebra gift bag.
And inside was a white and black striped sweater!
Happy Birthday to two of my favorite January birthday kids!!
It was a wonderful birthday weekend celebrating with both of you!

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