Monday, February 18, 2013

Showering Kelsey with Love!

We started planning Kelsey's bridal shower almost immediately as soon as we heard that she got engaged!
Jenn, Karen and I were on a bike ride when we got a call from Liz sharing the good news 
that Brian Merritt had proposed to Kelsey in front of the castle at Disneyland!
Right away Carolyn Johnson, Karen Duffey, Jenn Files, Beth Bryant, Karen Giddings and myself started planning.  
What a great team and what fun we had together!
Our shower planning meetings consisted of pouring over DIY blogs,
searching for ideas and inspiration on Pinterest and taste testing recipes.  So much fun!
With the shower date ending up the weekend before Valentine's day, 
we wanted to incorporate the colors red and pink, and love, of course, with the Disney theme
 and somehow make it classy and cute!  We came up with the theme, "the Magic of Love" 
and recruited my clever and crafty friend, Debbie Penrice, (what would I do without her?) 
who took all our ideas and created the most beautiful invitation ever!
We also asked everyone to wrap their gift in hearts and red,
which turned out so fun!  People were so clever and fun and the gifts were adorable!
Here are the hostesses and the set up before the party begun.
We had the shower at Carolyn's beautiful home!
Here is the front door decoration that Karen made!  Gorgeous!
I was in charge of the polka-dot balloons... which I loved! 
 The balloons tied in the Disney theme in a classy way!  So cute!
I knew that I would need help blowing up all the balloons so as soon as I got to Carolyn's house that morning, 
I immediately grabbed Heather Johnson and Jessie Files and using skills from their student government days,
 they had the balloons blown up and arranged in no time!  Thanks girls!!
Doesn't Heather look darling in her red dress holding the bouquet of balloons?! Fabulous!
The view as you enter Carolyn's home!
The table where the bridesmaids were seated!
The dining room table where the bride-to-be and family were seated... and a few close friends.
The center island in the kitchen, where we served the food.
I love the Mickey and Minnie bride and groom ears!
Displayed on the island are a couple of the cds that we burned with all our favorite Disney love songs.
We had the music playing in the background and everyone got to take home a Disney love song cd as a party favor.
I love the picture of Kelsey and Brian right at Disneyland, right after they got engaged!
Three of Kelsey's bridesmaids, Heather Bryant, Heather Johnson and Lauren Giddings.
They were so much help that day, along with Jessica, setting up for the shower and cleaning up afterwards.
We couldn't have done it without all of them!  You girls are the best!
Beth made this salad and it was amazing!  Tasted as good as it looks!  Yum!
The shower hostesses, Karen Giddings, me, Jenn Files, Karen Duffey, Carolyn Johnson and Beth Bryant.
Some of the adorable presents wrapped in red and hearts.
The packages looked so festive and cute together with all the decorations!
The hostesses table.  What a fun group of ladies!
The planning committee with Kelsey, the bride-to-be and her darling mother and our dear friend, Liz!
It was a wonderful day with wonderful friends, celebrating and honoring Kelsey!
We are so excited for her and her upcoming wedding!  Congratulations, Kelsey!  Your Granite Bay moms love you!

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