Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Superbowl weekend with super friends!

We sure missed skiing with the Wilkes last season while they were on their mission in Rwanda.
 So when we realized that we were all going to be in Park City the same weekend, we couldn't be happier!
Skiing together has been one of our favorite activities that we have enjoyed
 with the Wilkes and the Williams families over the past 15 years.
We have gone on many a ski trip together as couples and lots of family ski trip with all of our kids.
 From day trips to Tahoe to ski weeks in Vail, Snowbird, Whistler and Lake Louise.
Good times together and so many great memories!
Besides skiing together, one our other favorite traditions with our three families
 is our "missionary firesides" that we have had over the years.
 When one of our boys have returned home from serving their mission, 
we gather our families together one evening for dinner
 and then have the returned missionary report and tell us all about their mission.
They tell stories, share spiritual experiences, sometimes they include a slide show,
 and usually end with bearing their testimony in the language that they learned.
So when Brad and Karen got home from their first mission to Uganda,
 we continued the tradition and had them speak at their own "missionary fireside."
They had lots of beautiful photos from Africa, both of their mission
 and photos from the safaris that they went on while they were in Africa.
This time, after their second mission, I was really looking forward to their fireside
 because we were able to see many of the humanitarian projects that they were in charge of
and we met many of the people that they spoke about, when we visited the Wilkes in Rwanda last April.
We caught a little glimpse into the world in which they were living in 
and saw first hand all the good that they did in that part of the world!
Truly amazing and incredibly inspiring!
As Brad shared the photos and spoke about the people
 and all the projects and all the good that is going on there, 
I was overcome with feelings of love and admiration for Brad and Karen, 
who have devoted 3 years, serving the people of Rwanda!
It was a great night and it was a great weekend together with good friends
sharing their incredible experiences and making more wonderful memories on the slopes! 
The Wilkes, fresh off their mission are ready to hit the slopes.
I know, it looks like we color coordinated our ski outfits but I swear, we didn't!
I guess great minds or should I say, great skiers just think alike!
So happy to be with my ski buddy again:)!
Here are three good friends, Rhonda, Karen and me, back together again.
And once again, Rhonda and I are in matching sweaters.  Really, we didn't plan that but it did make us laugh!
It was great to be together and catch up! Another fun thing that Brad did that night was that  
he gathered up a bunch of the old photos from all of our ski trips over the years to share with everyone.
We all loved seeing the kids when they were so little and first learning how to ski.  
And we especially loved seeing them in their old one piece ski outfits from the 90's 
and reminiscing about all the fun trips that we took together.
So many great memories with our three families over the years.
Brett's aunt and uncle, Julie and Jason Chaffetz and their girls, Ellis and Kate
came to visit before the Superbowl to meet baby Cheri.
It was fun to visit and catch up with this cute family!
Then it was time to get serious... serious about cheering on our 49ers,
 so we all put on our 49er gear.  Even Cheri had a cute 49er outfit. 
 Yes! She was decked out with red and bling and bows from her head to her toes.
With Cheri looking so cute in her 49er bows and bling, it was time to get serious about taking photos!
Kimber made Dad this cute 49er blanket and Cheri loved being cuddled in it!
All this picture taking is just so exhausting!
Our good friends, Davis and Sydney Hansen came up to watch the game.
Syd is an incredible cook and made her famous chocolate cake!  It was yummy!!
So this is what happens when you there is a 30 minute power outage during the Superbowl...
we take more photos:)!!
It was a fun night even though the 49ers didn't quite get the job done!
We are such a football family!  We all love watching the game, visiting and munching on all the good food!
But what made it even more fun was having our own little 49er mascot, little Cheri,
 to pass around and cuddle with during the game! So fun!
She was a great distraction when the Niners weren't doing so well at the first of the game:)!
Even with the loss, we still had so much fun and feel like the Niners will be back next year!
And we will be there cheering them on because we are loyal fans and will forever be a 49er family!

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