Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Celebrating Justin's acceptance to medical school

There is not a more hardworking and humble person than Justin. Seriously!
As long as I can remember, he has talked about going to medical school.
He has planned and prepared, studied and studied, spent hours and hours conducting research,
 and he and Allie have spent every Thursday night for the last 2 years volunteering at the local free medical clinic.
This fall he began the process by filling out applications, writing secondaries and interviewing at about a dozen schools.
And then the waiting begun.  Fortunately for him, he didn't have to wait too long.
In December, he got accepted to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, one of his top choices.
He was thrilled and we were so proud of him!
There are many people that have helped him along the way.
And it only seemed right to celebrate Justin's acceptance to medical school
with Kevin and Julie Hansen, who have encouraged and supported him.
So last December, when Allie and Justin were in Granite Bay, we all went to Yard House for a night to celebrate!
Then it was another couple of months of waiting to hear from the next group of medical schools.
More acceptances came his way, which meant that we had to celebrate once again!
So last week, when Tyler and Sonya came out to Park City, we used a gift certificate that someone gave us to Ruth's Chris
and took those two cute couples out to dinner to celebrate again!
Below are the photos from both dinners, dinner at the Yard House in December and dinner last week at Ruth's Chris.
Both were fun nights celebrating!  Now we anxiously waiting to find out which school he will choose!
Which will it be... Cornell, Mayo or NYU?  Stay tuned to find out:)!
Celebrating with Justin at Yard House.
 Me and my girls love Julie and we are so glad to spend the night catching up with her.
 And while us girls were chatting away, these boys look like they were having a great time!  Ha! Ha!
 And little miss Emily slept the entire time!  What a doll!
So grateful for these two and their friendship that have shared with Allie and Justin over the years!
They have not only been there to guide them as they were dating but
also helping, mentoring and encouraging them in this process of applying to medical school.
It's good to have great friends that help us "raise" our kids!
We really couldn't do it without all of their other GB moms and dads!
Celebrating at Ruth Chris Steakhouse in Park City.
It was a fun night with these two cute couples!!  
These girls were good sports, posing in front of the wildlife statue located in front of the restaurant!
Such a fun night with these two cute couples!  Love them all so much!

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