Friday, March 15, 2013

Kimber and Brett's winter ski vacation in Park City!

This winter has been like a dream come true for this grandma!  
In January, Brett took a new job in NYC. He had a nice break in between jobs,
so Kimber and Brett decided to come out to Park City and ski with us.  
We had ski trips already planned but I just lengthened my stays in Park City
so that I could spend as much time with baby Cheri (and her parents.)
The kids in Provo joined us as much as they could to see Cheri.
It was the best ski vacation!  Ski all day and play with baby Cheri all night! 
It just doesn't get better than that:)
Happiest Grandma on the hill:)!
Favorite time of the day, skiing home to this cute little one! 
 So happy to see baby Cheri!
Thanks, Uncle Brad and Aunt Karen, for Cheri's cute cherry red snowsuit with leopard print lining!
She looked absolutely adorable in it and it kept her warm out on the slopes!
Conquering the moguls at 9990...
with these two ski bums.
Pretty sure Kimber just had a baby 8 weeks ago 
and I still couldn't keep up with her.
Some things never change:)!
Brooke is looking good on a sunny ski day!
First family ski trip!
 Starting her out young!!
Sisters photo!  Just missing Sonya!
A double date up on the slopes!
Enjoying a BBQ lunch on a sunny afternoon at the bottom Tombstone.
Brown bagging it one day like the good ol' days!
Here's dad hiding the PB&J's in the snow.
Two hours later we come back and the lunch is still there! Darn it! Ha! Ha!
Ashley is happy to eat her cold PB&J!
A little snow with your PB&J never hurt anyone, right??
PB&J never tasted so good:)!
Bath time for baby Cheri!!
Everyone is just a little excited!!
Everyone is getting in on the fun!
How many people does it take to bath a baby?!
Nice and warm all snuggled up in her "Baby C" towel that Karen Duffey gave her!
We got together with lots of friends while we were in Utah.
I finally met Miss Lucy, Ashley's roommate and dear friend,
 who was leaving on a mission the next week.
What a fun night with Courtney and Lucy!
If only we had all the rest of the crew from Mad9 if would have been perfect!
We couldn't wait for Rhonda and Kenzie Williams to meet baby Cheri!
It was so good visiting with these two!  Love them lots!
There is nothing better than getting together with my dear college roommates, 
Ruth Todd, Tammy Runia and Tammy Choules, and our girls,
 to celebrate Ruth, who will soon become a grandma!
It is always so wonderful to have lunch with Susan Duke and catch up with her.
Ashley and Brooke had all of the girls in their Relief Society come up for a sleepover.
These girls are all so darling and it was so fun to meet all of them!
Kimber's friends from high school, Morgan Holbrook, Natalie Fat and Janessa Evans,
 came up to Park City one afternoon and had a great time catching up with each other.
I finally met the infamous Matt Duffy when Courtney, Matt and Daren came up to ski one day
It was like a blizzard outside but we had to get a photo so this is as good as it got!
Baby Cheri got to meet her cousins, Megan and Molly, and they loved her!
Love my Ashley!
 Cutest couple on Valentine's day!
 Allie, look good, as always!  Love that Valentine's scarf!
 Skiing with my favorite Valentine!
 Sisterly love!
 This is the only babe getting a kiss from Brooke on Valentines day!
And Ashley says, "Me too!  I only give kisses to baby Cheri!"
A cute Valentine's Day photo of this little family!
 Love this cute family!
And we LOVE this baby girl!
Cheri got to meet her great grandparents on Valentine's day!
She got to meet her cousin, Brock, for the first time.
Baby Cheri tried out her new Bumbo! 
We found a couple of new favorite places to dine at in Park City!
One night we all went to Fuego Pizzeria and Bistro at Prospector's Square.
Everyone agreed that the food at Fuego Bistro and Pizzeria was absolutely delicious!
My favorite was the Bistro Grilled Chicken Salad!  It was amazing!
If you like Balsalmic Vinegarette and blue cheese, you will love this salad!
The pesto penne pasta was incredible!
But I think the family favorite was the Fuego Blanco pizza!
Just looking at this photo makes me hungry!
We liked this place so much that we took the Howell's there the next week!
 Another evening, we went to dinner at High West Saloon just off Main Street in Park City.
The decor is adorable and the food was incredible!!  
The Mac and Cheese was to die for!
We ordered a bunch of entrees and then just passed everything around 
so everyone got to taste it all.  So yummy!
Every dish was absolutely incredible!
And, of course, we had to try the salmon.  Yum!
Baby Cheri's first time at a Saloon!
BYOB~Bring your own bottle... of milk, that is!
We spent most of time just passing this little love around at dinner time!
I think she quite liked High West Saloon but mostly all the attention she was getting:)!
The initials on the top of this yummy s'more could be HW for High West...
or turn it upside down and it is MH for Mark Holt...
or turn it upside down and it is MH for Mark Holt.
I think we preferred ours upside down:)!
It was such a fun night at High West Saloon and we can't wait to go back there again soon!
We all LOVED spending time with the little love!
And we LOVED taking photos of her in all her Valentine's outfits!
 Cheri loves the little pink Mary Jane's that Allie made for her!
Baby Cheri's favorite place in the house!
She loved laying next to the fire and would watch it for hours!
 Could she get any cuter?!!
SO hard to say "goodbye" to this little doll!
What a sweet time we had with our little Cheri sweetheart!
Thank you, Kimber and Brett, for spending your "time off" skiing and hanging out with us in Park City!
It was truly magical!  A ski season that we won't forget in a long time!

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