Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Spring Break is always a favorite time to vacation with the kids.  
And since these two are the only ones that still get a Spring Break, 
we were really looking forward to skiing (yes! skiing... again!) 
and spending some time with these Oklahomans!
After volunteering to get bumped on Friday night and making $1400,
Tyler and Sonya made it into town on Saturday and couldn't wait to hit the slopes!
Here they are pointing to the Thunder Rd. ski run sign,
showing some Oklahoma Thunder pride:)!
All the kids came up for Sunday dinner on St. Patrick's Day, along with some of their friends.
The menu included everything that we could think of that was green.
We even put green food coloring in the mash potatoes.  It was festive and fun!
 There is nothing like celebrating St. Patrick's day or any holiday with the kids!
Thank you Pinterest for the cute party favor idea!
We were so glad that Davis and Syd could join us for our St. Patty's day dinner.
Not only because they are some of our favorite friends, but because Syd is such an incredible cook
and always offers to make something incredibly delicious to eat.
Keeping in the theme, she made this yummy Irish soda bread and it was so good!
Here are the cute BYU kids in all their green!
Our good friends, Brad and Karen Wilkes came into town on Monday night.
Early Tuesday morning, we caught Brad eating a hearty breakfast... a sugar cookie and a diet pepsi.
That's what I call a yummy breakfast:)!!  Perfect way to start the ski day!
The Wilkes/Williams/Holt SkiFest was scheduled for Tuesday and 
first on the agenda was celebrating with Doug and Rhonda, who will becoming grandparents in August!
Congratulations, Scotty and Cassie!  We are so excited for the Williams family!
Heading up the hill with this fun group, Lauren and JJ, Doug and Elle!
I knew we were going to have a fun day after I snapped this photo!
Beautiful weather and great friends, together again, skiing with our cute kids!
The three couples, Brad and Karen, Doug and Rhonda and Mark and me,
so happy to be skiing together!  It's been way too long!
Isn't this a handsome group!?
The girls together again!  We've come a long way since our Women's Clinic days at NorthStar!
Allie and Sonya, the cutest little nurses on the hill that day!
Enjoying the sunshine at lunchtime at the base of Tombstone.
Time to put on more sunscreen!
Dad is happy about the BBQ brisket!
And so are Tyler and Sonya!
Mmmmmmm!  The smoked sausage sandwich looks amazing!
This crowd is ready to sit down enjoy some lunch at the outside BBQ dining at Tombstone.
Lots of sun and always lots of fun with this guy!
So great to meet JJ's new wife, Lauren.  They are such a cute couple!
Doug and Rhonda.  So many great memories with these two.
Allie and Elle.  Good friends going back to their Jr. Grizzly cheerleading days.
A group shot at lunchtime.  Here we are (left to right) me, Mark, Brad, Karen,
 JJ, his darling new wife, Lauren, Elle, Rhonda, Doug, Sonya, Tyler and Allie!
We missed all the other Wilkes, Williams and Holt kids 
and promise that we will try to schedule next year's SkiFest when they can come!
What a difference a day can make!  It was gorgeous and sunny on Tuesday and the next day was a blustery day.
We bundled up and headed out the door to enjoy the fresh powder!  Brrrrrr!
On Thursday, I spent the day with my dear friend, Susan Duke, 
learning how to quilt and celebrating her 50th birthday!
Look at this gorgeous quilt that Susan was teaching the group how to make!
And this is the beautiful daisy quilt that she made for her sister's birthday!
Susan is something else!  She is so talented!
Just hanging out with her make me feel more crafty and clever!
Or at least, makes me want to try to be more crafty and clever!
Happy Birthday, Susan!
So here is Dad, heading out to ski on Friday morning,
 the last ski day of the 2013 ski season for us!
What a great way to end the season with all the new snow!
Dad loves the powder!
It was the perfect way to end a pretty perfect ski season!
After a great run down Magic Lines on 9990, we came into the lodge to warm up
and who did we run into but none other than, Clay Wilkes!
We were so happy to see him!  And I sent Mark back out to take him up to 9990 for a couple of runs!
I used my Iphone to catch this panoramic view of the resort from the top of Doc's Run!
The view of Doc's Run, skiing home for the last time!
Coming home at the end of a snowy day!
Time to put Mr. Snowman away!
Signs of spring... the bulbs that Mark and I planted last spring are beginning to come up!
What a great season!  Lots of skiing with all of the kids! 
 (I'm embarrassed to say, but I think I skied about 35 days!)  Yikes!
Lots of fun holding, cuddling and playing with baby Cheri!
Lots of great friends to enjoy the slopes with!
Yes, lots of great memories this 2013 ski season!
Time to go home and get back to reality!


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Chris said...

Mrs. Holt - I came across your blog purely by accident a few months back (I really don't remember how I stumbled here). I sometimes hit the "next blog" button on Blogger, so maybe that's how it happened. I also live in Norman, OK and work for the university, so maybe your association with OU might have popped up in a link somewhere. ... Anyway, I enjoyed seeing life through the eyes of a mother who truly gets a kick out of her family. All the best to you and your family around the country.