Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BYU upsets Texas

We flew straight from New York City to Utah so we could catch the BYU/Texas game back in Provo.
The weather was crazy when we arrived at the stadium with black clouds looming overhead.
Since we were early, we walked around the stadium to take a few pictures.
By the time we grabbed something to eat, walked back to our seats and sat down, 
I looked up and this is what I saw!  Pretty scary, right?
I barely had time to place my diet coke in the cup holder when the wind started to swirl all around us. 
The clouds were so dark that I swear I thought I was back in Oklahoma and a tornado was about to touch down.
I grabbed my coat and purse and ran to shelter so fast that I left my fresh diet coke behind. What?!
It stormed like crazy and within seconds all the fans in the stands joined us hiding out under the stadium.  
The game was delayed for a couple of hours so we walked over
 to the CougarClub hospitality room and waited until the lightening stopped.
It was a fun game sitting next to Dale and Debbie Merrill.
And the Cougars played great and upset Texas.  Go Cougars!

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