Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mormon Helping Hands at Folsom Lake

In April, our Young Single Adult ward participated in a service day at Beal's Point at Folsom Lake.  
This event is called Mormon Helping Hands or Day of Community Service.  
The idea behind this is that every ward or congregation in California comes together that day 
to serve and give back to the community that they live in. 
 I really really love this idea because I love my community so much
 and I particularly loved this project because we have spent so much time
 at Folsom Lake and made so many great memories at this State Park.
 I also love this Day of Community Service because I serve on the Public Affairs Council
 and this is one of my responsibilities to organize the service projects for this day.
Here is Teri, the Park Ranger, who was so great to work with, 
giving us final instructions that morning.
 One of the projects at Beal's Point was painting the split rail fence at the Amphitheater.
 The weather was beautiful that day, which made it really nice for this crew, who are busy painting.
 Danielle, Morgan, Kara and Sara.  What a cute group of gals!
 Our sister missionaries came and helped us that day.  They are great!
 We also had a group of guys that were busy weed wacking around the amphitheater.
 Sierra and Amy are all smiles as they are working hard.
 Aina, the cutest Hawaiian.  Just look at the paint on her legs.
I told the boys to smile for me and this is what I got. Ha! Ha!
After these cute kids finished the projects, they headed over to our house for a BBQ lunch 
and spent the rest of the afternoon, swimming and hanging out by our pool.
It was a great day with our YSAs serving together, working side by side,
and relaxing and enjoying each other.  They are such a great group of kids!

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