Thursday, November 6, 2014

President's Day Weekend in Park City!

We spent our Valentine's Day skiing in Park City with some of our favorite loves!
Kevin and Julie Hansen came out to join us on the ski slopes 
and we had a great time with them and so glad that they came for the weekend.
I know this photo is cheesy but I absolutely love it because it was one of those wonderful days,
 spent doing something that I love with some of the people that I love the most.
I love Julie for so many reasons but one of the things that I love most about her
 is that she loves my girls so much!  She is seriously the best!
These two are the cutest!
That night we went to dinner with some of our other favorite friends, Scott and Linda Howell at Cafe Terigo's!
These cute girls joined us for the yummy dinner!
Me and my Valentine!
Don't you just love these two?!
Dinner was so delicious!  And we had such a good time visiting and catching up.
It was the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day together with our dear friends!

*sorry that I overused the word love in this post but hey, it is a Valentine's day post so I guess I get a free pass on this one!

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