Saturday, November 15, 2014

My dad's visit to Granite Bay!

My brother, John and sister, Beth drove my dad over to visit one week 
and we had a wonderful time together!
My dad wanted to see what Folsom Lake looked like these days 
so we drove over to take a look and this is what we saw.
Not as low as it has been but still pretty bleak for this time of the year.
A handsome photo of my dad!
 Elizabeth, John and Dad.

One of my favorite Instagram posts:
Grandpas First Selfie
My dad wanted some help taking photos with his new Iphone that we gave him.
And this is what happened when I tried to give him some pointers.
Gotta love that dad of mine!
Almost 90 years old and still learning new tricks!
Sure love him lots and so glad that he came to visit us in Granite Bay!

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