Monday, September 21, 2009

Boys 2 Men

On Friday night, we went to the Boys 2 Men concert at the Utah State Fair with Tyler and Allie and their friends. They put on a great show! Not only can they still sing but boy, can they can dance! It was a fun night hanging with the college kids!
Afterwards, we waited in a loooong line for funnel cakes. All I have to say! It was well worth the wait! They were incredibly delicious. It was a fun night and a great way to start our weekend in Utah!

Boys 2 Men

Tyler and Eric singing along with the group! It was a little scary. They knew all the lyrics but didn't quite have the dance moves down!

Mom and Dad enjoying the music!

Sonya and Tyler, with Mark and Jessica in the backgound, at the concert.

Allie and her friends ran to the front of the stage, hoping to recieve one of the roses that they were handing out. Allie said that he was holding one out just for her and some girl snagged it from her. Lame.

Sonya, Tyler, Mom and Eric in the background singing and dancing and having a good time!

Dad, Mom, Allie, Tyler and Sonya
Tyler and Sonya

Tyler with his 2 favorite gals!

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