Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Brooke and the Juniors, ready to go for a 3-peat at Sports-A-Rama!

Craig cheering on his teammates, Spence and Matt, who are doing the 3-legged race!

Brooke cheering on the Juniors! She isn't quite as animated as Craig!

Matt and Spence seem to be doing well in the 3-legged race until...

they take a little tumble, just before the finish line!

Ashley's reaction!

Brooke, "the Bear", played the part of the pig, in the Juniors skit and did a very good job!

Brooke, so just a little excited that she still fits into the really attractive pig costume that I made for her to wear on Halloween when she was in 5th grade! I'm convinced that no matter how old Brooke is, that she will never grow old of wearing that ridiculous pig costume and I love it!

The Junior skit, Toy Story.
Check out the tail on that pig!

Brooke, as they finished their Toy Story skit, knew that they dominated.

The Junior win, with a come-from-behind win with their awesome skit!

Brooke and her friends celebrating.

Ashley and Craig are a little disappointed but still proud to be Sen10rs!

Ash and Brooke, fierce competitors, but still best of friends!

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