Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BYU upsets Oklahoma!

As soon as we heard that BYU was playing Oklahoma at the new Dallas Coyboys stadium on Labor Day, we started planning a family trip to see the game and finally, a trip back to Oklahoma...where we spent 2 years, while Dad did his residency at OU and most importantly, where Allie was born!

For years, Allie has asked, begged and pleaded to return to her homeland and see her birthplace. She is very proud of being an "Okie" and wears her OU T-shirt proudly! We agreed to drive her to Oklahoma City, if she agreed to wear BYU blue and cheer for the Cougars on game day. The kids all wanted to join us on the trek back to Oklahoma City. Having the whole family together was awesome and with an unexpected BYU upset, the pilgramage to Oklahoma and a walk down memory lane, it was a weekend that we would never forget!

Allie's text on her way to Texas:
"So many BYU zoobies on my flight!!
And some Sooners talking trash.
I almost made an alliance with them
by mentioning my place of birth
but don't worry, I CTRed.
This is so rough,
my two teams pitted against each other!
Just hope it doesn't end like BSU and Oregon last night..."

A cute Oklahoma fan took this picture of family in front of the new stadium. So nice! We made him take the picture twice because someone blinked and he didn't even complain. Then he wished us BYU fans "good luck!" Gotta hand it to those OU fans...they are some of the nicest people!

The game tickets!

Sonya and Allie inside the stadium.

The Cougars official logo on the big screen, 60 yards long and 7 stories high...impressive!

Mom and Dad before the game.

One of the many BYU videos that they showed on the Jumbotron.

The girls with the incredible stadium as the backdrop!

Coach Mendenhall and Coach Stoops chatting before the game begins.
The BYU player that really stepped it up in the game, Tyler's good friend, #33 Bryan Kariya! With Harvey Unga out, Bryan got a lot of action and had an incredible game! Here he is on the Jumbotron talking to Coach Tidwell. Little did we know what a game he was going to have!

Oklahomas official logo which flashed on the big screen and 60,000 OU fans erupted in cheers. The noise was deafening!

OU's band or as they are affectionately called, "The Pride of Oklahoma!" Again, the crowd of OU fans erupted in cheers! They stood and cheered the entire time the band wass playing! Impressive!

And then my personal favorite, the "Sooner Schooner" raced onto the field! The OU fans still standing and cheering from the band's performance, went wild as the "Sooner Schooner" ran the length of the field. It was all good and fun until one of the horses did "his business" on the field and the cheers turned into "Eeeewwws!" and "Boos" and the camera quickly turned away! Classic!
Gotta love that "Sooner Schooner!"

Allie and Sonya start celebrating as BYU takes over with a little over a minute left in the game.

With time ticking away and BYU leading 14-13, Ashley and Brooke are just a little bit excited!

BYU fans start celebrating the huge upset and start thinking that a BCS bid might be a reality!

These cute BYU fans made it on the Jumbotron throughout the night. Love it!

Tyler on the field with Coach Tidwell at the end of the game make it on the Jumbotron! Notice that all of the OU seats behind the Jumbotron that were red before are now empty!

Dad celebrating the BYU victory!

The girls after the game!

Mom and Dad, in their almost matching BYU shirts...cute!
The family minus Tyler, who is still celebrating in the locker room, are all smiles with the BYU upset!

Tyler showing off his field pass!

Family picture after Tyler returned from the locker room!

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