Monday, September 21, 2009

BYU/Florida St. game

"The Thrill of Victory and The Agony of Defeat"

Two weeks ago, we were able to witness the huge BYU upset over Oklahoma! It is hard to describe the excitement that we felt that day for BYU, the team and the fans. It was so amazing to actually be there in the stadium and celebrate with the team and fellow diehard BYU fans. Moments after the stunning BYU win, we cheered with excitement as the entire team stood in front of the crowd, not wanting to leave the field yet and it's fans, they spontaneously begun doing "the haka". It was awesome! As we walked through the stadium to meet up with Tyler, who was coming out from the locker room, we high fived other BYU fans, bought BYU-OU Inaugural game T-shirts along with hundreds of other BYU fans and took numerous pictures to document the epic occasion. We stayed and celebrated until security asked us to leave the stadium. We experienced the "thrill of victory" and didn't want it to end.

Fast forward to last Saturday. We again were able to attend a BYU game and once again it was a huge upset. Unfortunately, it was BYU that was upset by Florida State. It was painful game to watch. The experience was completely opposite of the game two weeks ago and we definitely felt "the agony of defeat."

I've decided that it's a lot more fun to win than lose. But there are a lot more lessons learned when we lose, pick ourselves up and move forward. I have faith that our Cougars will be back and they will have a great season. They won't be playing for the National Title, and a BCS bowl might not be in store for them, but I suspect that we will enjoy the "thrill of victory" once again and it will take away the feeling of pain and "the agony of defeat."
Tyler punting in the pregame. I love to see how his eyes are following the ball.

Another punting picture!
The pregame excitement as the team enters the stadium. Lee Johnson, a former kicker for BYU waved the flag and lead the charge. Sad to say, that was one of the highlights of the day!

Tyler and Riley Stephenson discussing the punting strategy.
Thank goodness for Tyler's cute cousins, who were waiting outside of the locker room, so excited to see Tyler and insisted that Tyler play football with them, right there and then. Tyler took the boys around the corner from the locker room and tossed the football back and forth. They all came back a few minutes later with smiles on their faces. Somehow the loss is a lot less painful when you have entusiastic little fans that help you keep things in perspective!
Family fun. Nothing better than being together.
Okay...I guess, a BYU win would have made it a little better.
But we still had fun!

Sonya, still keeping with the "Cowboy" theme is sporting her BYU plaid shirt! Adorable!
Tyler's other mother, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Kib.

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Erica said...

It probably WAS us that you saw! Too bad! At one point I was just a few yards away from Tyler and I wanted to yell his name, but I didn't want to embarrass/distract him. :) Those photos of him punting look great! Go cougars!

And yes, I'd love to see you this weekend. Keep me posted about what time the race is, etc.!