Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stanford Invitational

Yesterday, Brooke competed in the Stanford Invitational. Since Brooke took 1st place in Division II last year, the team decided to compete in the seeded race this year and run with some of the elite runners from California.
Brooke ran a very smart race. At the first mile mark, she was in 3rd place, running at a very fast pace of 5:30 mile. She slowed down during the second mile and dropped back to 9th place. Then she dug down deep and started catching and passing the girls ahead of her one at a time. She had a really strong kick the last 800 meters and finished in 4th place with a time of 18:12. Amazing!

Brooke, making it around the first turn, looks focused and determined.
Brooke, crossing the finish line in 4th place.

Dad giving Brooke a hug after her amazing race!
Brooke and her teammates and coaches. The team finished in 15th place.
Ash and Brooke resting in the shade after the race!
Brooke in front of the board where the finishing times are displayed.
Brooke with her #1 fan and sweetest sister, Ashley, who gave up her whole weekend to cheer her on.
We are a happy family!
Brooke, posing in her Stanford T-shirt that she earned for finishing in the top 10, on her favorite course, where she dominates.
We love the Stanford campus. It is beautiful!

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Allie said...

Bear! You are amazing! I can't believe how well you did, especially with the heat. Hopefully I'll get to come out and watch you run soon! Ash, great job working the side pony. You girls are so cute- I gotta keep up. :)