Friday, October 30, 2009

It was "Just Like a Circus" at Dr. Holt's Office~minus Britney Spears!

Every year Dad and his staff dress up for Halloween for a couple of days at the office. The kids love it and so does the staff! Each year the staff comes up with a different theme. Last year, they dressed up as pirates and Mark was Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. I have to say, he looked quite a bit like Jack.
One year, they were Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs...that's right, Mark dressed up as Snow White and the staff were the dwarfs. It was a little awkward and embarrassing, but the kids thought it was fun and the staff got a kick out of it! Dad is a good sport.

Another time, Mark dressed up as a biker. He didn't shave for a couple of days so he looked scruffy and wore black leather chaps and a black vest, with a couple of fake tattoos and earrings. He looked so scary that the office next door called and asked if "everything was alright." They said that "they saw a scary guy go into Dr. Holt's office a couple of hours ago and he hasn't come out yet and were just checking." Seriously. That is a true story!

This year, the staff wanted the theme to be the circus. So Mark, of course, was the "Ringleader." His costume was great and he was excited to be able to carry around a whip all day!

At BJ's for lunch with the staff!

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