Saturday, October 31, 2009

Three-peat XC League Champion

Brooke ran a great race yesterday at Cross Country League finals and won with the time of 17:07. Amazing!

Here is Brooke at the 1st mile marker, holding off her challenger, Karlie, a freshman from Oakmont.

After the next loop, they are running side by side but Brooke looks relaxed and confident...and like a giant next to Karlie, who is so teeny tiny! I never thought that I would ever describe little Brookie as a giant but seriously, next to Karlie, she looks huge. Pretty funny!

Then at the two mile marker, Brooke made her move and took off on one of the downhill slopes and never looked back. It was a great finish. Karlie had a great kick but Brooke held on and finished strong for the win. I think Brooke was surprised that she ran such a fast race. Her time was a minute faster than last year.

Each year, the league meet is always on Halloween or the day before, and the girls always say, "We should have made capes and dressed up as Super Grizzlies!" So this year Brooke and I bought neon green material and stuff to decorate 7 capes. I sewed the capes (I know, you are all impressed, but trust me...that's about as creative as I get!) and the all of the girls came over to our house and decorated the back of their cape. They turned out pretty cute and they had fun warming up in them and wearing them on their cool down after the race. The girls were sure that they would intimidate the other teams by wearing the capes. I'm not sure about that but it sure made for some cute pictures!

Brooke on her "cool down" wearing her Super Grizzly cape.

The back view of the Grizzly cape!

The GBHS girl's varsity team running with their capes.

Brooke, showing off her cape. So cute.

The girl's running off on their cool down after the race.

The top 7 finishers in the league.

Proud parents with their league champion.

Brooke and her former track coach, Randy Sturgeon, who came to support her and cheer her on to victory.

Brooke and Coach Pozzi

Uncle Scott and Uncle Bruce came to watch her race.


Brad & Cindi Pearce Family said...

Way to go Brooke, that is awesome, congrats!

Brad and Karen said...

I'm having Deb sew my super hero costume next year!!! Great race, Brooke!

Pa Pa Jim said...

Great Job Brooke. It's fun reading about GBHS's success. Jenna & Jesse say hi.