Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Weekend in Utah

We had a wonderful weekend in Utah with the college kids, inspite of the BYU loss to TCU! We brought our friend, Annie Segale, with us and gave her a whirlwind tour of Park City, Provo/BYU and Salt Lake City. We always enjoy getting away and spending time together in Park City with the kids!
Ashley and Annie at the Utah Olympic Park. We watched the bobsledders competing that day. It was awesome!

Annie and I both screamed when the bobsledder came down the track. It's crazy to be that close and really see how fast they are going! I took a picture of this guy and then a few minutes later they announced, "Will all spectators, please refrain from using flash photography on the track!" Oops!

The trip to Main Street wouldn't be complete without a picture with the moose!

Hanging out on Main Street.

Annie and Brooke sitting next to the bear on Main Street.

GameDay was filmed that day at Provo in front of the LaVell Edwards stadium. So we went and checked it out the day before. Tons of BYU fans were camping out so they could be some of the fans on the show. It looked like a lot of fun!

Hanging out in front of the GameDay stage.

The kids enjoyed decorating the rental car with "Y" decals on the side of the car doors and "Y" flags hanging out the windows. Trying to show a little "Cougar Spirit"!

Getting ready to head down to Provo for the game.

Tyler getting off a good punt with Riley looking on.

Riley and Tyler coming off the field after the warmups before the game.

Enjoying a GB3 reunion with Katy Lambourne, Debbie Merrill, and Courtney Bassett at halftime!

Courtney and Brooke are so happy to be together again! Just look at the smile on Brooke's face!

Me and Courtney! It was so good to see her. Love that girl...lots!

Brooke and Annie and Trent Merrill enjoyed the good seats with Brooke's recruit tickets.

Tyler and Sonya with Jason and his girlfriend, Annie after the game.

Tyler with some of his loyal fans!

Tyler and Ashley. Cute.

Ashley, Allie, Sonya and Trish outside the locker room after the game.

The girls at Temple Square.

Annie and Brooke in front of the statue of Christ in the Visitor's Center at Temple Square.

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Brad & Cindi Pearce Family said...

That looks like so much fun! Brad and Josh ended up leaving town otherwise I would have brought Josh to the game and been able to see you guys. Love all of your kids! (and their parents)