Monday, October 19, 2009

Out of Africa...and Home at Last!

Our dear friends, Brad and Karen Wilkes just returned last night, from their church mission in Africa. They have spent the last 18 months in Uganda and Ethiopia serving as senior missionaries (everytime I think of them as "senior" makes me giggle, because they are so young!) They are amazing and I am totally in awe of those two! Congratulations and welcome home, Elder & Sister Wilkes! We are so very proud of you!
Brooke, Ashley and I made signs to welcome them home!

Brooke and I sidewalk chalked their's kind of a tradition that we started when Brad turned 50, and my girls insist on continuing this tradition to celebrate the milestones in Brad's life! And this was definitely a happy milestone!
The Bo Bice comment has something to do with a certain someone...Brad...who teased somebody...Brooke and Ash...about a certain American Idol contestant...Bo Bice...a few years ago...endlessly...really. So...the little girls take advantage of every opportunity to tease Brad back...even after 18 months of service in Africa...they still won't let him forget it!
The Wilkes kids and grandbaby, waiting at the airport!

Elder and Sister Wilkes with the family! This picture is priceless! Sister Wilkes and Deb back together again!
  • On a side note, I just want you all to know that Karen and I were back walking (and talking) again the very next day! It was a brisk walk up and down Roseville Parkway, in an early morning rain shower! No biggie!! Mark and Brad, don't worry...we will definitely be ready for ski season!

    The large crowd that gathered at the airport to welcome Elder & Sister Wilkes home!


Erica said...

These are some great pictures! And what a good looking crowd of people! I am so glad that part of the Motley clan was there to represent! I can't believe you ladies were already up and walking the next morning! That is some dedication!

Carrie said...

The pictures are adorable! So great that they got to go and great to have them back! I drove by you two out there in the rain! I was impressed since if I were Karen, I'd have been talking to my kids until the wee wee wee hours of the night!

vanessa said...

great pictures deb. karen and i just looked through them. i hope you don't mind if i steal them?

Kimber said...

Yay! Karen's back! Looks like you guys had fun at the airport! Can't wait to see everyone in a few weeks!