Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oklahoma Orthodontic Alumni Meeting in Key West

It's been 20 years since we graduated from the Oklahoma Orthodontic residency. I say "we" because Mark and I do everything together and finishing his graduate work at OU was definitely a team effort!

We decided to celebrate this milestone by attending the Oklahoma Ortho Alumni Convention in Key West, Florida with our good friends and fellow residents, Mary Ann and Bill Osborn. It was a week of fun which included:

  • Eating (I think we ate Key Lime pie twice a day)
  • Shopping (the biggest shops in the town of Amarillo, Texas, where the Osborn's live is a Gap and a Old Navy store so whenever we go anywhere with Mary Ann, shopping is a big priority)
  • Site seeing...the Florida Keys has been on my list of places that I wanted to go and see for some time and I wasn't disappointed. The only drawback is it takes so long to get there from California.
  • Chatting...Mary Ann has to be one of the most entertaining storytellers so I love to listen to her tell and retell the stories of our challenging days in Oklahoma when the boys were in school.
  • And lots of laughter...Mary Ann is also one of the most friendly Texans I know. She makes friends with everyone and does some of the craziest things, which always makes me laugh. So fun!

It was a great way to celebrate 20 wonderful years!

Miami and Key West with Mark

We arrived in Miami a couple of days before the OU reunion started and enjoyed a day at Miami Beach, which was gorgeous and colorful, and a day in Key West.
Dad, on the boardwalk, with our hotel in the background.

Our hotel had these incredible cabanas all around the pool. The cabanas are like outdoor family rooms with comfy couches, chairs, pillows and big flat screen TVs. I particulairly loved this one that was located on the second floor with an incredible view of the ocean. I'm sure that there have been plenty of exciting parties that have taken place in that cabana!

In the front lobby of our hotel, overlooking the pool.

The most southern point of the USA in Key West, Florida.

Climbing on the rocks at the southern most tip of the USA.

Dad at a State Park in Key West.

Mark and Deb

Key West with Bill and Mary Ann

Cowboy Bill's, a must take picture spot!

Bill demonstrating how to ride the bull outside the bar.

Mark and Bill together outside Cowboy Bill's.

Eating Key Lime Pie

The presentation was beautiful. We liked it so much that we took several...ever angle possible...probably over a dozen between the two of us.

The two of us with our delicious lunch plates in front of us...and our diet cokes! We look like we coordinated our outfits and we match the decor of the restaurant so I had to include this picture.

We took the boys back that night to try "The Best Ever Key Lime Pie" to see what they thought and they agreed that it, indeed, it truly was the best ever!

Glass Bottom Boat Sunset Cruise

After class one night, all the residents, alumni and faculty went on a Glassbottom Boat cruise and had a wonderful time together and then had dinner at one of the seafood restaurants on shore.

The dock at the end of our cruise.

Bill and Mary Ann on the boat.
Mark and Debbie ready to start our adventure.
Setting sail on the sea.
Our Captain, Dr. Currier manning the boat.
Mark looking down at the glassbottom to see the fish and the coral.
Me and Mary Ann. Can't have enough of those kind of pictures.
The OU Orthodontic classes of '89 and '90 were well represented with Bill Osborn, Mark Holt and Jay Fitzgerald.
Dad and me at sunset.
Mary Ann and me. Again.
Dad, looking good as usual.

The four of us again at sunset.

Dad, Dr. Klontz, Dr. Currier and Bill.

The sunset. Gorgeous!

Pulling into the dock, we passed the boardwalk by the Westin and waved to all the people on shore.

The sunsetting with the moon in the background as we are approaching the dock.

Key West Hotel
We had to take pictures outside our hotel in Key West in front of the dolphin fountain before we headed out for dinner one night. We had to get every combination...all four of us together, each couple, just the girls. We tried to get just the guys picture but by that time the boys we hungry and had had enough.

The four of us.

Mark and Deb

Mary Ann and Deb

Daddy Bones BBQ in Key West

Keeping with the Oklahoma theme, we had to stop at for some Barbeque at Daddy Bones BBQ. It was incredible and the decor was darling! "Come as a stranger, leave as a friend."

Mary Ann and I posing on the cute car/couch!
The adorable vanity.

Our gorgeous hotel in Miami Beach

Mary Ann and I taking a enjoying the lobby of our hotel. We got a kick out of the artwork on the wall.

Sporting our OU gear on the pool deck!
The incredible view of the ocean and the cabana outside the hotel lobby in Miami Beach.
Mary Ann and I putting our feet up and relaxing in one of the cabanas outside our hotel. We thought it was pretty nifty that we match the decor of the cabana!
One of the private rooms out on the pool deck. Awesome!

The OU/Miami Game

The boys in deep discussion heading for the stadium.

Outside the stadium enjoying the entertaining people that were tailgating.

The boys getting ready to head into the stadium.

Some views of the big teletron.

The Miami team taking the field.

Mary Ann and I during the game, trying to cheer our Sooners on to victory. Unfortunately, we weren't too successful. The Sooners lost by one point!

It was a wonderful week, inspite of the OU loss! Can't wait for our next reunion!

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