Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Catching up with my dear friends,
Liz Skinner, Sue Jack, Karen Duffey and Julie Coyle.

Couldn't have celebrated St. Patrick's day any better today.
It all started with an "official" school visit at Maidu,
where I enjoyed seeing all the children K-3rd grade dressed in their green apparel.
In first grade, the children brought green edibles for their "Green St. Patrick's day buffet",
which included items such as pistachios, pickles, grapes,
green rice krispies, green jello jigglers, sticks of celery and guacamole dip.
I got a kick out of the kids as they eagerly filled their plates
these green treats and raced back to their seat to devour them!
Then in Mrs. Stogner's 2nd grade class, we were greeted with a rowdy rendition of the Leprechaun song.
I got to visit with many of my children's teachers who now teach at Maidu
(Ms. Uribe-Allie's 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Hagan-Tyler & Allie's 4th grade teacher,
Mrs. Swearingen-Allie's 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Conley-Kimber's 4th grade teacher, Mrs. James-Kimber's 6th grade teacher.)
They always want an update on the kids and
then when I tell them where and what they are doing, we always say, "Wow! We are getting old!"
It seems like just yesterday when the kids were in elementary school!

After the school visit, I ran over to a track meet at Woodcreek
and cheered on our Grizzly "Green" team to victory! Yay!
I love that our school colors are Green and Black, especially on St. Patrick's day!
It was a gorgeous day and it felt so good to sit in the warm sun
and visit with all the track parents.
We are still not sure if we won the meet,
but Brooke won all 3 of her races, the 1600, the 3200 and the 4 X 400.

Then I met up with some of my dear friends from our old Weddington neighborhood for dinner.
We celebrated St. Patrick's day by wearing green lei's that light up
(we looked a little ridiculous but it was fun!)
and Liz brought us all green shamrock sugar cookies.
It was great to catch up with everyone!
They all say "hi!" to all of you kids and are anxious to meet Sonya!
They are the best!

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