Friday, March 19, 2010

Powder Puff

We hosted the Powder Puff Juniors dinner at our house again this year!
I never get tired of having the all high school kids
over for dinners and parties in the backyard!
We are getting to the tail end with Brooke
and it kind of makes me sad...really! I mean,
when will I ever use all 8 picnic tables and 40+ green plastic chairs again? Seriously!
Brooke's name on the back of her shirt is appropriate, "Can't touch this."
You will have to ask Brooke to explain the double meaning.

Unfortunately, Brooke has been sidelined for the entire game by her parents.
You see, there is always 2 or 3 girls that get injured during the game
and with Brooke's luck, it would be her.
We decided that it was much too dangerous
for her to actually play in the game and she agreed.
I know that sounds harsh, but have you ever seen a Powder Puff football game?
It's kinda like watching a girl fight...
always a little pushing, shoving, scratching, and hair pulling going on during the game.
Very fun, but definitely a little dangerous.
So...Brooke will just look really good tonight in her gear
and cheer from the sidelines!
Good girl!

Brooke Coyle and Brooke Holt, neighbors and friends since preschool days. Cute!

The girls are busy decorating their flags in the backyard.

Brooke and her friends putting the final touches on their flags.

Brooke and Brittany Ragan, Joey and Morgan's little sis.

The End...literally!

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