Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Snowy Ski Day

What a difference a day can make.
Yesterday we enjoyed a warm, sunny, beautiful blue sky ski day
and it was great! My kind of ski weather.
But today we woke up and watched the snowflakes falling outside.
The contrast is always so amazing to me.
How it can be warm and sunny and spring like one day and then winter the next day?
We bundled up and enjoyed a beautiful winter ski day, fresh snow on the trees, untracked powder ski runs
and the gorgeous beauty of the big snowflakes falling to the ground.
I wish I had brought my camera out with me
but my Iphone did a pretty good job capturing a few of the fun moments today.

Dad was thinking, "I'm so glad I had Jina worked for me this week!"

Allie and Ashley loved skiing the fresh snow over at Condor.

So being the semi-professional photographer that I am...
or think that I am...or should I say want to be some day,
I asked the kids "to line up, get closer together,
but not too close and pose for a picture."
They were very clear instructions or so I thought.
I reached in my pocket to get my Iphone out, touched the screen to set up the camera for a picture,
which took a total of 2-3 seconds, looked up and this is what I got!

It's tough working with a group of amateur ski models...
or was it just that I took 1 too many pictures on a picture perfect powder day....


Dad tried skiing with one ski,
it didn't work out so well for him, but it was awesome for us to watch.

Allie showing Dad a little love and picking up his ski after the great wipeout!

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