Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Princess and the Frog

Brooke and her date, Wes, went to Sadies as the Princess and the Frog.
They looked pretty cute!
Yay!! for tacky prom dress bought by Allie at a Thrift shop years ago,
which she wore for some dress-up dance.
It was found still hanging in the storage room,
surprisingly, mom hadn't given it to DI...yet!
It fit Brooke perfectly, well, after mom took it in on both sides!
The Frog outfit was found at Walmart~sweats, shirt and hat, all for under $15!
You can't beat Walmart for tacky costumes for dress-up days and dances!

Brooke, the princess and her cute frog, Wes.

Mom sewed green felt spots on the back of the shirt
to make the costume complete.

The Princess trying to "kiss" the Frog.

Brooke and her group of friends pose for a picture
before they head off to dinner at Pasta Pomodoro.

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