Monday, March 12, 2012

Carly's Shower, Part 2

 Here are some more pictures from the bridal shower that we threw for Carly a few weeks ago.
 Carly loves to garden and her family loves to can all the wonderful things that they grow.
Over the years, our family has been the fortunate recipients
 of many jars of strawberry jam and pomegranate jelly from the Clement family.
With that in mind, we thought it would be most appropriate
 to go with the garden theme for her bridal shower.
The shower committee came up with some clever ways
 to serve fresh fruit & vegetables and lots of yummy berry desserts.
We used canning jars as vases for the flowers.  Darling!
And we decorated the table with a strip of sod that I cut up to use as the grass tablerunner.
I love when you can come up with a fun theme 
and you have a clever group of women to help you carry out all the details!
And I cannot forget, my partner-in-crime, Debbie, who made all the invitations,
 labels, banners, and  darling wildflower party favors.
It was so fun to see Carly's face when she arrived that night 
and saw all the decorations and food!
This photo says it all! 
 Debbie, had these darling little forks that looked like pitchforks
and they held up the adorable labels for the yummy goodies.
 Carly loved the butterfly straws!  
Yep!  You guessed it!  Debbie made those too! 
 And don't they look adorable in the canning jars that we used for the glasses?!
 Cinda made these yummy brownies with berries!
 Blueberry cupcakes from Icing on the Cupcake.  Yum!
Thanks, Allie, for letting me borrow your darling bird cupcake holder!
It looked perfect sitting on that grass!
 Julie made these scrumptious blueberry tarts!
I'm so glad that I have friends that are excellent cooks!
 These veggie cups that Cinda made are way too cute!  And they tasted yummy too!
I love this banner that Debbie made!
 Carly is all smiles as she opens up the adorable present from Julie Raybould!
 Look at that beautiful smile!
Allison Garvey, Courtney Bassett and Bo Browning came to celebrate with Carly!
 Sure do love these girls! 
 These are fabulous packets of wildflower seeds that we gave out for the shower favor!
Carly and her mother, Lori, with the shower committee (minus Cinda Wade),
Julie Hansen, Dana Howes, Tami Evans and me.
What a fun night!
Congratulations Carly!  We love you and wish you the best!

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deb said...

oh my gosh...the butterflies look so cute in the canning jars! it's so much fun creating all this stuff for you and knowing that you and your guests appreciate it!