Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Sunday drive to Sundance

We drove down to Provo last Sunday to visit with my sister, Mary Ann,
 who had just started her 1st chemo treatment on Friday.
Mary Ann looked good and continues to be very positive.
Thank you to all of you for your inquiries about her health
and for all your prayers and well wishes.  It is much appreciated!
After a good visit with her and her husband, Andrew,
we picked up Brooke and headed back up to Park City.
It was such a gorgeous day! With the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky,
 we decided to stop by Sundance ski resort and enjoy the views.
All week long, we have been talking to the Jack's and Skinner's  
about taking them to Sundance ski resort next year.
It's been such a long time since Mark and I have skied at Sundance
that we felt like this would be a good time to check out the resort
so that we could start planning for SkiFest 2013.
And best of all, we had some great one-on-one time with Brooke,
walking around the resort and admiring the beautiful views of Timpanogos mountain.
We walked through the rustic country deli store and Brooke found these adorable little Coke bottles.
We also loved the rustic shelves filled with so many fun items.
And I loved the candy jars!  It reminded me of all my candy jars in my kitchen!
I took this picture of the cool chandelier because I know that Ashley would love it!
I've always loved this wall of photos of Robert Redford in the hallway outside the country store.
I love the vintage ski photos!
This is what I want our walls at our place to look like eventually someday,
filled with tons of old ski photos of family and friends!
I love the red doors at the entrance of the building.
And the rustic and worn walkways just outside the store.
A quick look inside the Sundance store.
Mark and Brooke sat down outside and ate a sandwich.
 As I walked around the property and enjoyed the views of the resort,
I caught this fun photo of the two of them watching me through the brush. 
Once I got their attention, they gave me a smile!
There is nothing better than watching these two share a sandwich and a smile
on a sunny Sunday afternoon!
(I was going to add "at Sundance!" at the end of that sentence 
but you will be glad to know that I showed some restraint 
and stopped myself from getting too out of control
 and letting that sentence become a real tongue twister!)
Dad loves spending time with his Bear...
and so did I!
We walked over to the end of the ski runs at the base of the mountain.
Look at that gorgeous view of Timp!
The view from our car window of Deer Creek reservior and Mt. Timpangos in the background.  
It just doesn't get better than that... or so I thought... until Dad looked out his window and spotted...
a moose!!  Right by the side of the road was this moose, just waiting for Dad to drive by!
What a perfect way to end a wonderful Sunday drive!

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Kimber said...

So glad there was a moose! What a great day!