Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Sports Shower for Carlie!

 Anyone that knows Carlie McKeon would agree that she is probably
 the BIGGEST sports fan of any girl that they have ever met.
She loves sports!  I mean... she LOVES sports!
And she is good at sports!  Such an athlete!
 She was a star basketball player on the girls basketball team at GBHS!
The only person that I know that loves sports as much as Carlie is her fiance, Porter!
They are a match made in heaven!
So when I asked Carlie if there is anything specific that she wanted for her shower,  
I joked and said, "Would you like me to make the invitations in the shape of a baseball?" 
 I kind of laughed because I was just kidding, but then Carlie was like,
 "Yeah, actually that would be really cool since we got engaged at the Giant's game."
Yeah... that's right!  Porter proposed at the Giant's game last summer!
At that point, I was taken back a bit.  I wanted to say, "Ummm, I was just kidding!"
But I could see the excitement in Carlie's face and I knew there was no turning back.
All I could envision was something that looked like a little boys birthday party.
So I called up my dear dearest and most creative friend, Debbie, 
(yes, the same friend that makes all my cute invitations, banners, 
and signs for all the showers, wedding and parties) 
and asked her how I was going to take this sports theme and make it classy, clever
and look and feel like a bridal shower and not a little boys birthday party.
Of course, she had lots of great ideas and with the help of a great committee,
it turned out to be one of the funnest showers that we have thrown in a long time!
 This is the fabulous shower invite that Debbie made... yeah, she's amazing, right?!
Every little detail is so clever. Even the envelope insert matches!  So adorable and creative!
Carlie and the shower referees/hosts, Judy Rounds, Julie Hansen, me, Stefani Barton and Allison Garvey!
Carlie's Concession Stand!  Love it!
 Sugar cookies from Cookie ConnectionYum!
  Our sweet friend, Allison was so helpful that day and she makes the cutest referee!
Don't you agree?!
 Cotton Candy! 
 These three cuties, Cally Chamberlin, McKenna Franks and Kristin Hilburn, 
grabbed some popcorn and ice cream treats from Carlie's concession stand.
 Carlie looks adorable wearing the Giants baseball cap with
a wedding veil that Julie Hansen made for her.  Love it!
 Here is Julie reading Carlie and Porter's answers to the questions
about each other that she put together for the game.
 The cute Frank family with Carlie and Riley!
 One of my favorite gals, Tani Bragg.  She misses you lots, Brooke and Ashley, and so do I!
We wish you two could have been here!
Congratulations, Carlie!  We love you and wish Team Ellett the very best!

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Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, Mom. You are CRAZY. This is the cutest thing!! Seriously, adorable. My friends and I can't stop looking. Great job! LOVE YOU, CARLIE!!!