Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday Dinner with the Itinoses!

One of my favorite family traditions when we are in Park City
 is having a big family dinner on Sunday afternoon with all the kids!
We often invite our friends or the kids roommates to join us for dinner, which is always so fun!
Fun because these friends and roommates have become more than just friends, they are more like family.
Yesterday, Mariana and Melina Itinose and Jared, Melina's husband joined us for dinner.
Mariana and Melina have been dear friends of ours ever since they left Brazil,
where their dad was serving as Tyler's mission president, to attend BYU.
 We have enjoyed so many wonderful Sunday dinners together. 
Other memorable times have been spent sledding at Parley's, 
Melina's trip to California for Kimber's wedding, 
the BYU/Utah game in SLC and the famous Beck to Harline catch
 (I'll never forget Melina getting so excited when we won in the last seconds
 and she started yelling, "Go home! Go home!" to all the Ute fans!
  I thought she was going to get into a fight!) 
And then celebrating Melina and Jared's wedding last year with all the Itinose family.
It was bitter/sweet last night when we realized 
that this was going to be our last Sunday dinner together
 since Mariana and Melina are graduating in April and will be leaving BYU.
We had to get one last picture together and, of course, 
we had to post it on their little brother, Paulo's Facebook page.
He responded immediately and said that he was jealous,
but reminded us that he will be coming up to Utah 
to attend school this summer and can't wait to hang out!
We can't wait either, because we love Paulo too,
 and look forward to having him join us for Sunday family dinner in Park City!

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