Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Melina's Wedding

On Thursday afternoon, I had the sweet privilige of attending the wedding
 of our dear friend, Melina Itinose to her sweetheart, Jared in the Salt Lake Temple. 
 Melina's father, Elder Itinose, was Tyler's mission president from Brazil, 
whom we have come to love and adore. 
 Actually, we have come to love and adore the entire Itinose family 
as we spent time with them in Brazil and 
while they have stayed with us in Park City on a number of occasions.  
We have loved getting to know Melina and her sister, Mariana
 and spend time with them while they have been attending BYU. 
 I am amazed at the courage and faith of this family 
as they have encouraged these two girls to leave their home and family,
 learn a new language and live in a foreign country just to have the unique opportunity to attend BYU.  
The entire family came for two weeks to enjoy general conference and the wedding. 
 It was wonderful to see this sweet family together again at this happy occasion.
Jared and his brand new bride, Melina coming out of the temple.
The entire sealing was in Portuguese.
I didn't understand a word but it didn't really matter.
I still cried as the sealer recited the beautiful promises and blessings in Portuguese.
The handsome couple!
Melina and her brother, Paulo.
Melina, the gorgeous bride poses in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
At the reception with the newlyweds.
Melina and Mariana, sweet sisters with their sweethearts.
Elder and Sister Itinose
Enjoying a few moments with Elder and Sister Itinose.
Elder Itinose has taught himself how to speak English since he was called to be a general authority. 
It is wonderful to communicate and converse with him even though at times he might struggle to remember a word,
you can feel his kindness and love.
Paulo posing with the wedding cake that his family made.
Melina wanted a traditional Brazilian wedding cake 
but none of the local bakeries could make one to her liking 
so the Itinose's took things into their own hands.
The entire family baked the cake in our kitchen at Vintage.
Everyone took part in the activity, which took all day and night
 (actually Paulo said the were up until 3 am to finish the cake.)
It turned out beautiful and tasted amazing too!
Once the dinner was over, they brought in this red suitcase full of crazy dress up gear, 
such as neon necklaces, glowstick bracelets, colorful boas, heartshaped sunglasses
 and headbands with antennas.  It was awesome!
Mariana and her boyfriend, walked from table to table distributing the items
to the guests 
and within minutes we all looked like we were going to Carnival (mormon syle!)
I guess it's a Brazilian wedding tradition.
It was so festive and fun!
Just look how fun and festive we are!
Now that we have our party accessories on, we are ready to party with Mariana.
Paulo was the man of the night.  Seriously so grown up!
Allie partying it up with the Itinose siblings, Mariana, Paulo and Annalisa.
With our party gear on we are ready for some fun.
So glad that my boa matches my outfit:)!
The red suitcase was passed from table to table with all the guests
rummaging through the pile of party items and accessories.
As the guests choose their individual party accessories, 
you could feel the excitement in the room.
Brazilians take this dress up stuff seriously!
Now that the dinner is over, and the party gear are on,
it's time for the dancing to begin.
First up on the schedule is the Daddy/daugther dance.
Melina and her father hit the dance floor and kicked up their heels
to traditional Brazilian music.
President spun and twirled Melina around the dance floor.
It was definitely the most touching moment of the evening, 
watching them sway to the music.
You could feel the deep love that they had for each other as they danced
to a beautifully choreographed traditional Brazilian dance 
which was a combination of a polka/swing/folk dance all in one.
All three of us cried because it was so tender and cute!
Then Elder and Sister Itinose took to the floor together and danced.
Then Paulo, who has been taking dance lessons and is quite the dancer, took Allie by the hand 
and told her that he would teach her how to dance like that for her wedding!
Paulo told Allie that she is a good little dance
 but probably needs to work on her facial expressions.
This is definitely my favorite picture of the two of them dancing...I love it!  
Don't worry, Paulo is dancing with Allie, he is just hiding behind her.
Then it was Ashley's turn.
Paulo and Ashley made quite the dancing couple.
Of course, I wanted a dance lesson from Paulo too.
I think I got the twirl down...
but then I stepped on Paulo's toes...oops!
That Paulo is such a good sport!
I love this picture of Melina and her adorable boyfriend.
We think they make a darling couple.
It was a wonderful day, spending time with wonderful friends.
I'm so glad that we were able to share this special day with them.

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